Maha Ali

Illuminating the power of makeup

Maha Ali is a name for credibility when it comes to makeup services. She is known for her bridal and party makeup and has been in this field for years. Passionate about her work, Maha stepped into this professional at an early age and over the years established her name as one of the best makeup artists.

She finds great inspiration in makeup as she creates stunning looks. Here she talks to Fashion Collection about her journey as a makeup artist.

Fashion Collection: How and when did you start your journey as a makeup artist?

Maha Ali Bintory: Well, I started at an early age of 18. I was always passionate about makeup so took several makeup courses in summer breaks and got lucky to find work right after.

Fashion Collection: How would you define your signature style?

Maha Ali Bintory: My signature style is not very glamorous. I love a good flawless base with rosy cheeks, lots of mascara and a dark pout.

Fashion Collection:  What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Maha Ali Bintory: I think my biggest challenge was working during my pregnancy and jumping back into the game right after conceiving the baby. Looking after the newborn and catering to the clients’ needs was an arduous journey.

Fashion Collection:  What makeup trends would you predict for 2019?

Maha Ali Bintory: This year would be all about embracing your flaws and working around it. Minimal foundation/tinted moisturizer, lots of luminosity and glow to the skin and natural chiseled cheeks and pout.

Fashion Collection:  How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

Maha Ali Bintory: I just follow the trends and tutorials on Instagram and follow some of the best makeup artists across the globe, it’s very easy to polish your skills and stay up to date.

Fashion Collection:  Where do you see yourself in five years?

Maha Ali Bintory: Hopefully in a better place with more peace of mind and gratitude,and have happiness wrapped all around me.

Fashion Collection:  Do you agree with less is more as a makeup trend?

Maha Ali Bintory: Yes Yes! I am all about it, if done correctly that is.

Fashion Collection:  If a client is not happy with their look, how do you respond to that?

Maha Ali Bintory: It’s very challenging to deal with clients who cannot express themselves properly as they don’t get the desired results. We try our best to modify their looks as much as we can to fit their liking.

Fashion Collection: What is your favorite celebrity makeup look and why?

Maha Ali Bintory: I’d say Kim Kardashian signature makeup look! Who doesn’t love good smoky eyes with dramatic lashes and a nude pout!

Fashion Collection: What in your opinion is the most important quality in a makeup artist?

Maha Ali Bintory: Patience to listen to what your client wants. Tolerance if the clients are rude or disrespectful and the willingness to learn and grow.

Maha Ali Bintory: Fashion Collection: What is one advice you would like to give your customers about taking care of makeup?

Maha Ali Bintory: None! I think girls are well aware of how to take care of their makeup. Mostly to smile and be confident in pulling off ones look, even if something goes wrong.