The Most Memorable Beauty Looks of All Time

Audrey Hepburn's Bold Brows (1954)

The year she won Best Actress for Roman Holiday, Hepburn stuck to her classic look: Dark, straight brows that thin to a point just at the ends. The look became such a talk of the town that soon after it became the beauty trend that many followed. Hepburn has gone on to inspire five more decades of beauty since she first appeared in a starring role as Princess Anne in Roman Holiday.

Madonna's Red Lip (1991)

Lest you thought Madonna’s Marilyn Monroe obsession was limited to her Material Girl era, she channeled the blonde bombshell at the ’91 Oscars, allowing a cherry red lip to make a bold statement against a backdrop of porcelain skin, bleach blonde hair and white fur.

Halle Berry's Pixie (2002)

  • Between her signature chop, minimal makeup and a trendy dress, this entire look is iconic. Halle Berry’s pixie cut soon after became a hot-shot and many models on the catwalk were seen supporting this style.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Midnight Blue Smoky Eye (2002)

  • A far cry from her sweet light pink look at the 1999 Oscars, Goop’s 2002 look was a mix of many shades that gave a smudge look. Less expected than a classic black smoky eye, her blue version is smudgy without being sloppy.

Jennifer Lopez's Green Shadow (2003)

  • Making a strong case for matching your eye makeup to your dress, J. Lo adorned her ultra-bronzed skin with a highly pigmented swipe of minty shadow, plus a subtle lip that stole the show.

Anne Hathaway's Pink Lip (2013)

  • There’s not a ton to say here other than that a classic rose-y pink lip—paired with a ballet slippers-colored dress—is just really really pretty.  Looking at Hathaway’s complexion and flawless skin, it is no doubt an excellent choice to go for the pink that gives her a refreshing look altogether.