The charismatic Younis Khan

We all remember the stunning performance of Younis Khan back in 2016 when he scored a double century (218) against England.  The 38-year-old then, Younis Khan pushed himself to achieve this amazing score. Termed as “World Class”, the former captain of Pakistan cricket team, Younis Khan has excelled on the ground and on coaching too. His performance has been exemplary in many matches and he has been looked upon as one of the best players the Pakistani team has produced.


The recent news of Younis Khan likely to be appointed as the head coach of the Pakistan Under-19 team is making waves. Besides, Younis will also be in charge of the national junior selection committee as its chief. With loads of success behind him and more to follow in future, he is humble to the core.

Here he talks to Fashion Collection about playing cricket and coaching.

Fashion Collection: When did you start playing Cricket professionally and why?

Younis Khan: I started playing cricket since early 90s. My elder brother was also into cricket so I followed his footsteps and entered the field of cricket.

Fashion Collection: What are the qualities required for a player to succeed?

Younis Khan: In order to succeed and reach the top, a player needs total commitment, skills and lots of fitness.

Fashion Collection: How do you manage your fan base?

Younis Khan: I am lucky to belong to an educated family who allow me to pursue my dreams and that entails having a huge fan base as well. For any celebrity, a fan base is necessary and one has to deal with it and allow them to a certain extent to mingle with you.

Fashion Collection: How important is fashion in the life of a cricketer?

Younis Khan: In the modern era, it is extremely crucial to update yourself and follow the recent fashion as it creates confidence in you.

Fashion Collection: Who is your inspiration in the field of cricket?

Younis Khan: As I mentioned earlier, I always followed my elder brothers. They were always like a role model for me. Other than that, I am deeply inspired by the tennis star Roger Federer as he really conducts himself well.

Fashion Collection: Where do you Pakistan team in the future?

Younis Khan: As we all know that Pakistan has a very young team at the moment. They need some time and I think after five to six years, they will all be big stars.

Fashion Collection: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Younis Khan: As a qualified coach and having lots of international experience of cricket I feel there are chances of doing some coaching and mentoring in the near future.

Fashion Collection: How do you manage work and personal life pressures?

Younis Khan: Initially there were challenges but with time I have managed to balance both my personal life and work pressures. There has been ups and downs but thing have smoothed out lately.

Fashion Collection: What is your opinion about PSL and the winning of Quetta Gladiators this time?

Younis Khan: I think PSL is a big show and the excitement of the public is evident. I am glad for gladiators who were one of the best teams.