Defining your moment

Wide-Legged Pants

The look of hippy modernism is long, languid and sensual, saturated in warm desert and sunset hues. With this, a lot of amulet jewellery, crochet pieces and raffia accessories.

Clashing geometric prints

Florals and stripes are the perfect stepping stone for this fashion. If your stripes are monochrome, treat this as you would a solid black and white piece. In short, you can mix any floral print with stripes if you rock it with confidence! Word of warning: stick with one striped piece and one floral piece and pare back with solid color pieces.

Art prints

Pretty pop art prints and punchy geometrics are made for clashing! This is one pattern that you can clash two prints of the same size. However, if you choose to do this, it’s important to stick within a set color palette.

Squared toes

We’ve been seeing a 90s revival in many ways over the last year, with slip dresses, satin skirts, fluffy accessories and, yes, even frosted lip shades making a come back. But we’ve yet to see this one 90s trope striding back down the streets, until now that is. Back in vogue are satin pumps with squared toes that look amazing with a little heal and worn on formal occasions.

Crochet shoulder sacks.

The idea is to turn simple cotton and lawn into something festive by adding a bit of fancy crochet shoulder sacks. Sewn over the cotton, these patches of crochet stand out for their beauty and look amazing on both casual and formal dresses.