Ramzan fashion trends

With Ramazan here, it is time to think about dressing up to the occasion in clothing that is suitable and yet still in the height of fashion. Colourful Kaftans, embellished abayas and uniquely designed cover-ups made with different prints and patterns to match your every mood and every occasion.


Culottes, gauchos, palazzo pants are all the styles to try out this ramazan and summer season. These loose, cropped trousers are stylish and look trendy. Whether you’re wearing your culottes to work or to brunch, let these cool Culottes create inspire your fashion statements. Worn in neutral shades and trimmed with lace adds an unexpected delicate touch to the overall look.


Abayas as we all know were introduced as a protective clothing in pure black that was meant to cover the whole body and traditionally worn with a hijab. However, with changing times abayas have also evolved and entered mainstream fashion. Now abayas are in fact worn as a three piece clothing like shalwar suit in many colors, textures and embellishments. For a head to toe modest piece of clothing, this we must say is an elegant statement making style that you should definitely try. The trend is not particularly donning it in black, but in pastel shades of lilac, pinks, blues and green that make it a soft, flowing piece of clothing.

Flowing dupattas

The good old-dupatta of the shalwar kameez fame takes on a new chic avatar in the world of fashion. There are many innovative draping styles that have made the dupatta a more versatile look. From the pristine white cotton dupattas to flowing chiffons, dupattas have become more than just a cover and cultural more. It became a fashion statement and an adornment. Silk dupattas with block prints edged with laces and tassels, the fashion trends of adorning a dupatta are endless. The dupatta is omnipresent and also perennial. It has been around from time immemorial and taken on a multitude of hues and shades. The number of fabrics used to make dupattas has increased vastly through the ages, but the everlasting favourites will always be silk and cotton, and will remain that way.

A Kaftan Dress

Today kaftan is popular in several regions of the world. Kaftans are usually made from silk, wool or cotton, and can be worn loose or tied with a sash. A kaftan with traditional embroidery over the neck and sleeves adds a stylish look to the overall fashion statement. They’re also perfect for a casual wear in cotton and shades of pastel colours. Kaftans are beyond chic and extremely comfortable to be worn to formal occasions with statement jewelry.