Ramazan Décor

Ramazan is a holy month for all Muslims and waited by everyone all around the world. With the arrival of Ramazan month regularly, we discover new ideas to embellish our homes commemorating the holy month.


Homes are embellished with lighting, lanterns and some kinds of ornamental paper throughout the month. Ramazan decoration is limited due to the fact that Muslims focus on the Islamic concepts and function with love and hope from God to please us and accept our interests.


But, to overwhelm everybody with happiness and including joy especially for little children, there are plenty of beautiful decorating ideas to follow. Whatever you do, creating your very own customs throughout this time helps deepens your gratitude for this special month and produces a festive atmosphere that the whole family can take pleasure in.

A Ramazan Banner

  1. Decorate your walls with a joyful Ramadan banner that wishes everyone Ramazan Mubarak. During the last 10 days, you can change out your Ramadan banner decorations for Eid decorations as the anticipation for Eid starts to construct.

Light decorations

Something about lights brings about a joyful atmosphere. In some Muslim nations like Egypt or Morocco, lanterns are used to welcome Ramazan. Place some ornamental lanterns around your home that are illuminated with electrical tealights. Use pretty string lights around your mantle place, or winding up your stair banister. The captivating mini holographic lanterns are also perfect to put up. Use them to frame a doorway, line up on a table, in the turf along an outside entrance way.

Paper Star boxes

Made from handcrafted paper and painted with lovely designs, the paper star boxes in silver and gold attached with a string and hanged from a ceiling look amazing. They can also be filled with nuts and goodies as Eid approaches.

Kid’s craft

Even if kids are not fasting with the remainder of the family, they ought to still feel consisted of in this special time. Look for innovative ways to engage them while everyone around them is suppressing yearnings. Enlist their help in decorating the house for Ramazan. Kids can embellish their own special placemats to be used at Iftar time all month long. Likewise, help them make their own decorations such as garlands and artwork to hang around the home.

Chalkboard of Ramadan reminders

While Ramadan is indeed a month of merriment, it’s important not to forget the religious aspect of it. Create a chalkboard display that includes a countdown to Eid, prayer timings, one of the 99 names of Allah, and a hadith. Update the board on a regular basis and have it hanging in our entryway so we can’t miss it.

Iftar Table Décor

Have the napkin rings made to reflect the essence of Ramazan with a star and moon. Also a centre table decoration with names of Allah hanging from it gives a good reminder to the entire family to recite them, especially while sitting down to eat.