The beauty ritual of beautiful women

Fashion Collection spoke to five beautiful women who take care of themselves and prefer to look good. They need not have the perfect features but they look nice because they take go an extra mile to keep their face clean and supple.

Let us find out their secret recipes of looking good.

Mrs Usman (74 years old)

I try to sit in the sun during the winters to look good. It is very essential to let your body and skin absorb vitamin D from the sun. Another beauty ritual that I can never ignore is drinking water. I make sure I drink as much water as I can and I prefer to stick to luke warm water no matter how hot or cold the weather is. It may sound difficult to believe but I avoid fizzy drinks like a plague.

Mrs Shah (68 years old)

I try to enjoy life to the fullest and go for my morning walk daily. If I cannot go to the park, I make sure I walk in my garden barefoot early in the morning. I then take a glass full of luke warm water with honey. My cleansing routine is washing the face with besan and applying raw aloe vera directly on my face. It makes my face look clean and supple.

Mrs Ahmad (70 years old)

For me oil is extremely important. I drink almond oil, one teaspoon once a week. I also drink one teaspoon flax seed oil. I make sure my hair is oiled every time before I wash my hair. I apply olive oil to my hands, neck and face before I retire to bed. These things have made me look beautiful and healthy.

Mrs Noorulaine (65 years old)

I still do yoga. I prefer to remain active. I go for my morning walk everyday and do 15 minutes of stretching daily. I eat yogurt every day with my meal and have dates at breakfast. I avoid eating parathas and samoosas, instead I love to eat cucumbers. Most of the time, I apply yogurt to my face as well to keep it fresh looking. The key to looking good is to make it a habit of practicing these beauty rituals.

Mrs Noorulaine (65 years old)

The best advice I can give to people who are still young is to avoid these fairness crèmes and colouring products that spoil the texture of your hair. The best thing to apply to your hair for beauty is oil including coconut, almond and olive oil. I also use honey mixed with lemon juice to apply to my face and even hair that gives it extra shine.