The aspiring Sana Bajwa


A Fashion Designer graduating from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, is all set to launch her brand Dairay for women.

Before she shows her style to the world, she shares about her passions and her work ethics with Fashion Collection.


Fashion Collection: What interests you the most about your work?

Sana Bajwa: The ability to create and the freedom of expression that comes with it. How I can take a topic, a painting or a piece of old poem and translate it into garment details. The whole journey from research to visuals to textiles to finally a collection is truly exciting. One of the things I enjoy the most is how enthralling the whole process is because I personally am not someone to plan out how the collection would be in the beginning; I just go with the flow.

FC: What are the most critical results you expect from your designs?

SB: Unique, Comfortable, Sustainable, Functional and affordable of course.

FC: What is your journey of becoming a designer?

SB: I come from a family of doctors, and everyone naturally expected that I’d be one too, and honestly, I was never sure what I wanted to be growing up. But one thing that I was sure of was that I did not want to be a doctor (laughs), I was petrified of needles and blood, God forbade I had to cut someone,and I made it clear to my parents after my Fsc pre med’s first year. I always had a knack for styling and designing. I would take my mother’s shawl and style it into various dresses and design clothes for my cousins. The path for me was paved out as my brother was already studying Furniture designing at Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design and so here I am.

FC: What are you most passionate about as a designer? And why?

SB: Many of us think that fashion and designing is just a glamourous job where you wear designer outfits and come and go as you please, but behind that glamourous outlook lies loads and loads of hard work, panic, deadlines and sleepless nights. But amidst all the chaos, what keeps you going is true passion and love for your work, self-motivation and a drive to create. I guess what I am most passionate about as a designer is to be able to communicate my thoughts through my designs and to be able to dress others. That’s what keeps me going and the most exciting aspect of it.

FC: How would you define your personal fashion statement?

SB: Anything that is comfortable yet trendy. My vibe and mood changes with the outfit I choose to wear. Where plain white frock and churidar makes you feel all desi and decent while a pair of jeans and leather jacket has you feeling all grunge and Rockstar. But anything that gets too mainstream is not for me, I quickly get too bored and look for something that’s less common and more inimitable.

FC: If you could change the world, what would you do?

SB: I would make fashionable and sustainable clothing available to everyone so the whole world would become one big colorful party. Haha! And also, if I had the power, I would fix the damage that has been done to earth due to industrialization. I think we all should play whatever part we can to fix issues like deforestation and pollution.

FC: What design inspirations would you like to pass on to future generations?

SB: I guess with the fast fashion and industrialization, our true cultural handmade works of embellishments and embroidery are on a brink of being defunct. Quality is compromised over quantity. I would like for our heritage and traditional stiches and techniques to be passed on to future generations.

FC: How do you rate Pakistani Fashion scene right now?

SB: It’s better than ever and growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to designers like Hussain Rehar and Kamiar Rokni who keep bringing new and fun ideas to the table. The market for designer wear has definitely grown massively through years but I feel like the retail market is a bit monotonous since people are still not very accepting towards experimental designs.

FC: What would you classify as your biggest achievement?

SB: I guess I have come far enough, coming from a medical background, I had to learn everything regarding art and design from scratch. My teachers were kind enough to teach me to look at things with a whole new perspective. My field allows me to learn without boundaries, through the projects I do and meet all different kind of people, but through all the grinding and hard work, it has left me empathetic and humble. Being able to see things beyond surface and listen to people and their stories from all the different backgrounds makes your heart softer than ever.

FC: What would be your idea of simplicity?

SB: Plain white shalwar kameez with gota detailing.

FC: What are you designing these days?

SB: I am working on a line of quality oriented casual collection for women that is fresh and young, ethnic yet chic especially for college/university going girls who like to look chic but on a budget. I will be launching my brand (Dairay by Sana Bajwa) by mid-July InshaAllah so Stay tuned.

FC: What would you classify as your utmost strength as a designer?

SB: I’m always thinking out of the box, something avant-garde and unconventional. I am not attracted by beauty, things in their raw natural and untamed state are far more attractive to me than a polished clean look.

FC: If you were not a designer, what else would you be?

SB: Maybe a lawyer, a banker or a journalist because I talk a lot and am good at debating(haha!)

FC: What are some comfort zone friendly ways to rock the latest trends?

SB: Long shirts are making a comeback, paired with loose pants, contemporary fashion scene is all about comfort and personal style. with the athletic and casual street style going on runway, you can make your own statement look with the right amount of sass and color. Through a loose pair of culottes or jogger pants with a trendy upper or T-shirt, but be sure not to overdo it, there’s a thin line between looking fashionable and homeless. (haha!)

FC: Which is the 2019 fashion trend you love?

SB: Surely digging the loose clothing and comfort wear. Also, androgynous fashion is the coolest thing these days.

FC: Which is 2019 fashion trend you hate?

SB: I think athletic fashion is cool and all if you’re going out for shopping with friends or grabbing food, but seeing it as a fashion statement, um… Nope.

FC: What habit would you like to break?

SB: Procrastinating… I am easily distracted and will put something off till last minute which is not the best habit I know. It’s something that I am working on…

FC: What designers do you wear?

SB: I like Jeem, I’ve been loving Beechtree a lot for like past two three seasons, their collections are really wholesome and chic. I get my casual wear from Sapphire, Khadi and Outfitters.

FC: Which four famous celebrities would you seat at your dinner table?

SB: Anna Wintour, Yes please. Paulo Coelho for the spiritual talks, Kim Taehyung (from Bts… Am I too old for this… Never mind) for his style sense and charms (blush blush) and Ryan Reynolds for the humor….

FC: What advice would you give to your younger self?

SB: Believe in yourself. Be confident. You can do anything if you believe in it. Actually, as a teen I used to do this, if anything seemed too scary or adventurous, I would consider the pros and cons of it, and if the cons did not involve me ending up dead, I would give it a shot and I am trying to get that energy back in myself.

FC: What for you is perfect happiness?

SB: Having a good time, laughing and joking with my parents and siblings.