Fashion Summer

Summer Colors

The best shades to adorn this season are green and blue. Though both contrast with each other, they also compliment the overall look. The dominating colour in this duo is definitely blue, however green is more flexible and versatile as it can be worn any time of the day. Green fashion accessories are also in vague, particularly crafted in stone. So this season, fill up your wardrobe with green scarves, blue kurtis and much more.

Statement Necklace

Wearing statement necklaces can enhance your wardrobe and transform your outfits. Pairing a basic tee with a glitzy statement necklace can do wonders, and easily transition your outfit from day to night. Coordinating your clothes with a statement necklace is an easy way to take your outfit to the next level. If you have a certain colour scheme, try choosing a necklace that matches the color palette.

Striped Shirts

Presenting a casual yet professional attitude, a striped shirt is something everybody should own. Paired with jeans, it creates a casual feel and when worn over dress pant, it makes you look powerful in a meeting. Short or long, the striped shirt is an ideal cloth to hang onto this season.

Ribbon Eyeliner

The intertwined look of the eyeliner involves adding the beauty of diverse colours to your eye liner. This fashion is suitable for younger girls who prefer to experiment with colours. The best part is that you don’t have to worry too much about the perfect shape, as the spiral can be as per individual preference.

Animal Print

Adorning animal print including cheetah is more common than ever. Fashion accessories including bags, shoes, hairbands and even jewelry is good to go this winter. The usual animal print colour combinations of browns suit every style and occasion. The animal print though is not suitable for offices or corporate events.