The Bridal Glamour

When it comes to choosing the best bridal outfit, nothing seems as perfect as a designer dress . From stunning anarkali dresses to farshi ghararas, the motifs, material, designs and colour look amazingly intricate and beautiful.


Fashion Collection throws a light on some of the every successful designers who have made their mark in the realm of bridal fashion.

Deepak Perwani

The ultimate creativity that is depicted through the bridal wear designs of Deepak Perwani can never be praised enough. With pure elegance, floral embroidery, the georgettes and chiffons of Perwani stand out for their finest quality and unique patterns and designs. His creations are timeless pieces made on hand woven zari jacquard fabrics with extensive kora dabka and gotta embroidery. He dabbles in both formals, semi-formals that cater to all the demands of a wedding season.

Umar Sayeed

Umar’s designs are known to be some thing different that stuns the eye all the time. He never fails to surprise his clients by creating something totally different from what is generally perceived. With a main focus on traditional shararas and ghararas, he does not comprise on quality.  Umar Sayeed is a name synonymous with ultra-chic and understated glamor, hence he is one of the biggest fashion designers in Pakistan. Umar Sayeed has been on the Pakistan fashion radar for the last many years and has managed to enrich the fashion scene through years of extraordinary passion for style. Umar Sayeed is a name synonym with fine quality. Umar Saeed applies modern touches to traditional styles.

HSY ( Hassan Sheheryar Yasin )

HSY is the one of the largest and most respected designer-wear brand in Pakistan. Since 2000, it has developed a unique style of its own, reflecting the ancient traditions of Eastern craftsmanship in a contemporary manner. Known for its distinctive use of colors, quality of fabrics, intricate embroideries and a gloriously, rich cultural aesthetic, HSY wedding ensemble has a lot to offer. HSY is best known for combining contemporary silhouettes with the traditional techniques of ancient era. The brand’s inspiration is distinctly Pakistani and Middle Eastern peppered with Western influences.

Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi, known as one of the pioneers in creating bridal wear has created a unique mark on many fashion ramps. Her attention to detail and intricate designs have created a niche for her. Bunto Kazmi had clearly taken a head start in introducing adventurous pallet of colours that differs from reds and oranges as she dapples in greens, violets and turquoise. The subtle tones of ivory and gold are equally stunning. Employing a mix of contemporary and classic methods, Kazmi is popular in creating a unique blend of designs that caters to the needs of her clients. Her breathtaking and original designs take inspiration from both eastern and western cultures and traditions that she attunes to the design of her dresses. Her hand crafted designs bear a mark of professionalism that many clients love to adorn.