A La Chic Summer fashion

This summer, dress up to look chic and smart. Adorn the best and look great.


Off set your round features with geometric shaped sun glasses. Rectangular frames will help elongate your face cut. Styles that work include rectangular, sharp cat eyes. For a square face, aviators work well. If you have a broad brow and narrow chin, try a style with bottom-heavy frames. Shapes that are parallel and extend past the width of your face compliment your strong jaw line.

Midi rings

These are rings that are worn above the finger joints. These are a versatile piece of jewelry styled any way you like! They can be worn singly on one finger, in every finger, or multiple rings stacked above and below the finger joints! The wide range of designs makes them perfect for not only casual but also formal wear.

The khaki colour

The khaki colour and look of the mud is very much a fashion to follow. The casual look is accentuated through jackets, simple short kurtis or Kaftan style shirts. To add interest to the bland colour, designers prefer to include a touch a colour through contrasting edgings. Or for that glamourous look, a khaki dress can have an embellishment of gold buttons on the sleeves or around the neck. Khakhi is a very nice shade of green and brown, to be adorned on Independence Day this year.

The fashionable mules

The mule refers to a shoe that is backless and usually closed-toed. Originally worn within the bedroom, this style of shoe has become popular in most fashion circles. The casual low-heeled shoe to the formal slip-ons, the unfussy mules define effortless chic. The two-toned mules are good to pair with jeans and a T-shirt. Equally attractive are the suede tasselled mules that are ideal for office wear.  For a formal look, the patterned brocade mule give a rich feel and a great way to pair up with a formal gown.

Afghani Jewelry

The chunky, bold colourful Afghani jewelry is back in vogue. Worn over plain kurtas of darker hues, it looks stunning. Afghani jewelry necklaces when worn with black tunics add charm and style to the overall look. For a morning cool look, add a few bracelets of green and blues. Earrings should not be too dangling but the right design and colour can make heads turn.

Flaired frocks

This season, the more flair the better. The 80s look of the kameez is back with frocks in vogue now. Flair is also seen around sleeves with wider, more aplomb look. The fashion trend is for shorter, floral shirts that can be worn on jeans, straight pants or even dkaka pyjamas. Most of the frocks are front buttoned to give a smarter look.