Designer Damsel Mahnoor Faisal

The young and aspiring Mahnoor Faisal who is currently studying fashion designing at Asian Institute of Fashion Design recently sat down with Fashion Collection to reveal her forthcoming designing journey and passions.

Fashion Collection: What interests you most about your work?

Mahnoor Faisal: The fact that I get to be creative at all times, be it while dressing up, working, talking or anything, there is always art involved at some point.


FC: Tell us about your journey as you are embarking on becoming a fashion designer.

MF: Well, in order to become one you need a lot of patience, nothing in this degree comes easy. There is a lot of competition, everyone around me is so so talented that it becomes really difficult to keep up with the pace, but in the end I know I can and will do it. I get to meet all kinds of people, and I get to do all kinds of work; from cutting my design’s stencils to going around in markets in search of the right fabric, to dying clothes at home to get the desired shade, to making documentaries and conducting surveys. I basically have to do everything on my own. The best thing about this degree is that I don’t have to depend on others. I am being taught everything.


FC: What are you most passionate about as a fashion designer? Why?

MF: I have always been very passionate about styling and dressing up, not only myself but others too. Fashion is not just about buying something fancy and wearing it. It is about taking out time to style and dress yourself in an appeasing way. I remember, once, when I had a meeting in college at 7 am, and I woke up at 5 am to get ready, even though all I had to wear was my uniform. Well, that’s just me!


FC: How would you describe your personal fashion statement?

MF: A fusion of eastern, western and funk!


FC: If you could change the world, what would you do?

MF: I would make this world a better place for animals. I would stop animal abuse in every way possible and give them their due rights.


FC: What design inspirations would you like to pass on to future generations?

MF: Saaris and jumpsuits will always stay in fashion. Never let go of that pallu, kids!


FC: How do you rate Pakistan fashion scene right now?

MF: I think Pakistan is filled with fashion, especially Lahore. I would rate it a 9/10, taking out the 1 because, well, it is still Lahore; the hub of fashion remains Italy.


FC: What would be your idea of simplicity?

MF: Blue jeans and a basic tee, paired with flip flops and on the other side, a plain white shalwar kameez (with jhumkas if you want to glam it up a bit)


FC: If you were not a fashion designer, what else would you do?

MF: I would still pursue something in arts; i.e interior designing or fine arts. Not your typical nerd!


FC: What are some comfort-zone-friendly ways to rock the latest trends?

MF: I feel the #nononsensenighat campaign by Generation is an inspiration for many, including me. It helps give us the freedom to set aside our stiffness and societal expectations. On a lazy day, I usually wear a pair of cullotes and pair it with a plain tucked-in tee, or a casual kurta. Through that, I remain in style, and stay comfortable.


FC: Which is the 2019 fashion trend you love?

MF: Long length dresses and kurtas, for sure.

FC: Which is the 2019 fashion trend you hate?

MF: Um, snake skin trend?


FC: What habit would you like to break?

MF: Always trying to be a perfectionist, and not just in fashion.


FC: What designers do you wear?

MF: I mostly try to take the initiative of designing my own clothes, but a few designers I opt for are Afshan Durrani and Hina Mirza.  Apart from that, the topmost brand I love is Generation, hands down.


FC: Which 4 famous personalities would you seat at your dinner table?

MF: Marilyn Monroe, Ruttie Jinnah, Lady Dianna and Imran Khan.


FC: What advice would you give to your younger self?

MF: Don’t stress out, everything’s going to be alright. The night will end, and the sun will come out again. You’re one in a lifetime.


FC: What for you is perfect happiness?

MF: Quality time spent with my loved ones that is my family, close friends and my beloved cat, in a scenic place. With that I get a vacation and freedom from toxic people!


FC: How important is it to acquire a fashion designing degree?

MF: I suppose a degree is the most important thing if you want to have a career in the fashion world because it gives you command and an upper hand over everything. It literally teaches you everything one needs to know if they want to step into the world of fashion.


FC: What is most challenging as a fashion designing student?

MF: Managing time and standing out from the crowd. Creativity is not everyone’s forte, but I’ve realised, it is mine.