The Five Most Stylish Cricketers in the World

With the ICC Cricket World Cup fever just wrapped up, Fashion Collection takes a look at how some of the World’s most famous cricketers measure up when they’re off the field of play. Batting and bowling is all well and good, but it’s how they fare in the world of style that really matters to us.


The West Indies captain is a world class cricketer, but he’s also a snazzy dresser. And by snazzy, we mean custom tailored gold suits with matching shirt and tie type of snazzy. There’s not many a man would dare to even try on an ensemble like that, and somehow Gayle makes it work. But it’s his white three piece suit with black lapels that earns him a spot on our list here.


Best known as the captain of the English Test team, Alastair Cook is not one to shy away from the cameras. Thrown into the limelight at an early age. he seems to put his best fashion foot forward at every awards ceremony or England outing we’ve seen him at. Fond of his tailored suits, he’s been making the grey suited look his own for a good many years now.


The South African with the three lions tattoo is no stranger to the paparazzi and as such makes it his business to look the part. Whether it’s on the beach in a pair of pink shorts or wearing a vest while cruising in a Lamborghini, Pietersen definitely has his own personal style. Some might call him vain, but we think they’re just jealous.


Three years ago Kohli was considered the rising star of Indian cricket and while no-one doubted his ability on the field, it was his surprise inclusion in GQ’s Top 10 Best Dressed International Men that really got people talking. Well, by people we mean style addicts like ourselves. Now captain of the Indian Test team, he made waves in the world of style and has a myriad of major product endorsements to his name.


Now you may think we’re a little biased in our thinking but for us there is no doubt who is the world’s most stylish cricketer. Our very own Michael Clarke is head and shoulders above the rest. Married to model and presenter Kyly Boldy (now Clarke) and previously engaged to model Lara Bingle, Clarke has had more than his fair share of photo ops and showbiz ceremonies to attend. Whether he’s rocking a navy custom tailored suit or bespoke tuxedo, Michael Clarke is hands down the world’s most stylish cricketer.