The remarkably gorgeous white

No matter how colourful we wish to dress, the magnetic pull of white always works. This is one shade that never fails and looks strikingly beautiful on all ages and skin tones.

This summer, Fashion Collection unfolds the enchanting feel of this serene shade that makes summer more fun and beautiful.

The quintessential white kurta

A white kurta is like a summer staple dress essentially important in a wardrobe. It is one of the most versatile pieces to own for warm months, it can also be a bit tricky to wear it successfully. The blank canvas it provides can be a little overwhelming. Wear it full white this season with pearl and gota trimmings for that graceful look.

The fabric

The quality of fabric always matters. The quality fabric should just feel good and fit right. However, selecting a quality fabric is never more important than with white clothing. Remember: summer is all about the easy, breezy style anyway, so embrace free-flowing forms.

Accessories to pair

Let your personality shine through with accessories. Accessories play an important part especially with a white ensemble. Luckily, white gives you a lot of room to experiment and explore your own self-expression. If you are demure and lady-like, perhaps consider classic accessories like pearl earrings, a gold necklace, and simple sandals. If you are a little rock and roll, add in some leather elements and edgy booties. If you have a fun and colorful personality, let that shine through beady necklaces and Boho style earrings. Something about gold really works well with white and the warmer temperatures of the season. So, give it a try in this case.

The Angarkha

When it comes to the eastern charm, the magic of a white angarkha beats all. The idea is to adorn it with with churidars (which are slim fitted pants that have pleats around the waist and gathers at the ankles). However, one can even wear them with pajamas or even salwars to show prudence and grace.

The white lace

In this blistering heat, get your whites out to make any formal occasion an easy breeze. A white lace dress is something every woman should own in her lifetime.

White lace can make you look outstanding and charming. The best way to wear it is to pair the white lace with white muslin kurti inside.

A white Sari

Many of us may take the white sari as unpractical and too much of a hassle, yet this is one piece of dress that never goes out of style. A white sari not only looks attractive and charismatic, but also elegant to the core. So this season, be bold and indulge yourself in wearing a white sari.