The pastel hair colours

The trend of dyeing your hair in pastel shades is gaining traction fast. The pastel hair colour no doubt gives an excellent and striking shade and adds extra glam to your personality. If you have thinking of trying out these new and unique pastel hair colour ideas for yourself but are not sure where to start, here is our guide for you.

Peek a Boo

Straight and wavy hair is absolutely perfect for showing off that perfect array of pastel pretties. So, grab your curling tons and get whirling. The beautiful yellowish strands helps to reflect the light matching with silvery, blue or vibrant tones. The peek a boo look with the colour highlights showing from beneath gives a breathtaking look.


There are three things that you must definitely do before you try and opt for a colourful blend. First of all, get a good cut and work out the right style taking into consideration the colour design you want. Secondly, work out what rainbow shades will work better on your skin tone and thirdly, condition your hair to make the rainbow colours stand out. The rainbow strands look best and funky when carried with confidence.

Pastel Pink

The best thing about the pastel pink is that you can easily experiment along with the tones and hues of the colour. Using the softer pink blended with blonde white creates a beautiful tone and gives your hair a glossy look. Add some soft curls to the long-layered pink colour and your hair will look absolutely voluminous, shiny and all around beautiful.


Now dazzle up your look along with this extraordinary hair colour. If you have medium blond hair, then applying a soft pink and grey mermaid colour would be absolutely perfect. The hair colour is suitable for both darker and fairer skin if you can carry it off well. The combination of pink and light honey shade will ramp up your entire look.


If you really don’t know what colour to go for, the holographic lavender will definitely work for you. It is all different shades of pastel pops such as lilacs with blue, silver and pink. The amalgamation of light blue and white blonde is one of the excellent colours that you can wear at any formal event or party too. The soft, smooth and polished look of lavender gives a charming and extraordinary look. The light purple is suitable for fairer skin but the ladies with darker skin can also choose the beautiful colour as well.

Metallic pastel

When it comes to choosing the eye-catching and extraordinary look, you can easily go with the metallic shades. The straight hair with bangs is the perfect hairstyle to choose the metallic pastel hair colour. The light purple shade makes your look absolutely exceptional and amazing as well. This fairy dust shade makes a real fashion statement. The best shades to try out the metallic pastels include different blends and shades like blonde white, pink, purple and orange as well.

Rose gold

The long hairstyle with rose gold is all about keeping the natural dark shade of hair intact near the roots while dyeing the rest of the hair. Rose gold is suitable for both darker and fair skin and is an amalgamation of dusky pink and sunset yellow.

Blush Blonde

The blush blonde look is about dark roots and lighter towards the ends. The cut layers of the hair are made prominent by making them wavy. Strands of grey toned hair also match with blush blonde. This hair colour looks amazing on both wavy and straight hair and is versatile enough to carry it across formal and casual gatherings.