Create your own style

Most of the time we are tempted to wear that high heel and flared dress to look glamorous, but end up all shaky and looking less than attractive. So what makes a person stand out? Bottom of Form


The secret is to look classy yet trendy but above all comfortable to look confident. Dress in a style that you most confident in because confidence really is the best accessory a woman can wear!


The quote by Rachel Zoe: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”; this is so true. Whether we like it or not, people are making judgments about us based on what we wear every single day. With that said, trends change all the time, so wholly depending on them probably won’t help you become more confident.

We know that the way you dress impacts your confidence level, so why not up your game and dress the best you can?

  1. Wear what you feel most comfortable in:

If you aren’t comfortable wearing 5-inch heels because they seriously aren’t comfortable, then don’t wear them; it’s that simple.  The main goal is to always wear items that make you feel happy and proud of who you are. When you look good, you feel good too. If you’re not sure what items you feel good in, try and remember a time when you had something on that you really loved. Whatever the event, the reason you remember what you wore is because that outfit must have made you feel good about yourself.

  1. Emphasize your best features

Try to identify your best feature and focus on that. If you possess a gorgeous long neck and well-defined arms, wear necklaces. Also identify your least favorite areas and learn to work around them. The heels obviously make everyone look taller, but avoid the heels if you have a good height. Similarly a v-neckline makes a person look taller too. The key is knowing which clothing items to wear that highlight your best features while drawing attention away from those you don’t like. Finally, keep in mind that this is all about making you happy, so your own opinion matters more than what anyone else will tell you.

  1. Know what colors look best on you

Based on your hair color and skin tone, certain colors might suit you better than others. Blondes with fair skin might choose jewel tones because these bright colors add extra contrast. On the other hand, if you have darker or olive skin, then warmer colors such as corals and golds could look amazing on you.

If you’re a redhead, then you probably look stunning in green, while I think blondes do really well with soft summer colors like pink and teal blue.

However, if you’re not sure or don’t have personal favorites, you can always go by which color you were wearing when you get the most compliments on your outfit. If someone has ever told you that “you look really good in that color”, consider wearing that color more often!

  1. Be trendy

Trying new trends is always fun, however, don’t invest a ton into trends, especially if will only wear them for a short time. Trends come and go, so try out just one or two a season – ones that you really love and will wear from time to time. Again, this depends on what you’re comfortable and most confident in – if you find something trendy that you feel very confident in, then by all means wear it! However, if you’re not sure or hesitant about trying a certain trend, there’s probably a reason you don’t fully love it; my recommendation would be to skip it. Remember: just because something is trendy doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Only wear things you really love and, more importantly, wear things that make you love how you feel!