Adorn an exotic fashion style

The exotic fashion style is definitely interesting. It incorporates so many exciting elements and the popularity of the style is growing as fashion designers from all around the world started to showcase some clothes featuring exotic elements. At the same time, we see a combination of fashion style and regular style when referring to anything exotic. This is a clothing style that is centered on rich smoky colors, mysterious ornate patterns, mosaics, iridescent textures, really shiny jewelry and long flowing lines.
We cannot talk about the Exotic fashion style without actually thinking of more than just the clothes. For starters, the hairstyles in this style are really interesting. The signature hairstyle is long dark locks. You will not see short hair in this style and since ethnic features are highly important and need to be highlighted, short hair is obviously avoided. Extensions are quite common for women with shorter hair.
Clothes are always complemented with exotic make-up. We see the fashion style being highly influenced by Arabian and Indian elements so the same thing is normal to appear in make-up. Kohl lined eyes are almost always present, together with silver, antiques, gold and smokey blacks shadows for that glamour effect. The cheeks need to have an Eastern look so exotic colors are usually utilized.

Fashion Style

The last element that needs to be implemented is the exotic jewelry. Cuff bangles are always great. They can add those necessary intricate designs in order to add that Middle Eastern or Indian feel to practically any outfit you would want to wear.
The dresses are the centerpiece of the Exotic fashion style. Ever since Kim Kardashian wore a kaftan dress in a Dubai visit we saw flowing gowns being becoming highly popular. You can find them in so many online stores and are highly versatile. It is easy to wear the exotic dresses during practically any occasion or event.

The fusion of Asian and Eastern style is an element of exotic style. It is all about adding the right dose of colour, glamour, flowy and elegant fabrics and cuts, then garnishing them with a pinch of bling.
Season to season, we see fashion face some radical changes, but the east and west mixture is inescapable, resulting always in a beautiful, artistic and also commercial masterpiece representing a multicultural society of designers and consumers.