Essence of pakistan by Ghulam Mustafa

Ghulam Mustafa a well recognized, senior Lahori artist, gives his audience the chance to visualize the busy cityscapes of Lahore along with the rich and beautiful rural landscape of Punjab, through his detailed artwork. 

Ghulam Mustafa has also played a founder member and vital role in bringing art to life in his home, country, Pakistan. He is the general secretary of the Artist Association of Punjab. 

Mustafa has been a ‘Hands-on painter’ since 1972. He believes in actually visiting the site while producing his artwork. His immense dedication has helped him earned success throughout his career as an artist. One of his highlighted achievement was the National prize in 1996 at the 7th National Visual Arts Exhibition in the genre of landscape painting. Encouraging young emerging artists to expand their artwork and continue working in the field of art is what Ghulam Mustafa believes in. His persistence and help have resulted in the establishment of many young hard-working artists across Pakistan.

The article is proud to announce that Ghulam Mustafa the Executive Director of the Punjab council of the Arts will be exhibiting his radiant work at Artciti gallery on the 28th of November 2019.