Interaction Stars

SAVERA NADEEM on marriage

The thing that convinced me to marry my husband is his honest eyes, his warm, dry and firm handshake.
There was no dishonesty in his words. This is what impressed me about him.

MARINA KHAN on marriage

I proposed to my husband. My mother stopped talking to me for a while. I had to move out of my house to marry.
My father was a practical man and he did not react as expected

ZARNISH KHAN on success

Success is knowing the true meaning of life. Realizing that parents are important in your life and why it is necessary to spend each and every moment of your life with your parents


Life is a dream and achievement in life is overrated. Whatever you achieve there is no limit to that. Enjoyment is
success in life and to me running after too much achievement is detrimental in life. Wealth and fame are like a
burden to me.