Chitchat with the stupendous Jenaan Hussain

Everyone has their own uniqueness, no matter where they are in the globe. A few people are gifted with one, while the extremely lucky are bestowed with more. In this edition, one of the lucky individuals who has been endowed with multiple talents is with us. She is a singer, an actress, a painter, and we are inclined to think that she must also be a writer. Her personality’s gems are modesty, sincerity, and honesty. With our favourite Jenaan Hussain, let’s explore all the subjects you’ve ever been curious about.

Jenaan Hussain

Can you tell us a little about your childhood?

It was a strict one. With a lot of emphasis on studying and getting good grades, I also focus on discipline.


You’ve talked about mental distress in interviews; what specifically happened, and how did you overcome it?

DNA. Anxiety and depression run in the family. So be it parents fighting over their issues to having an exam tomorrow everything induced anxiety. My mom took me to a doctor so I was put on medication very early on in my life. Till now I am on and off on medication. Therapy and life coaching helps big time.


You allegedly changed your name, according to rumors. Is it real? If so, why did you decide to modify it? How did it affect your life, and how?

I changed my name. From Sundus Tariq to Jenaan Hussain. I asked and according to numerology, it didn’t sit well with me so I changed it to something that brought lightness to my life.


You’ve always enjoyed art singing and acting; what was it that drew you to this field? and if you could be recognized for anything, what would it be? actor, singer, or artist?

I think I was born with the love of art and all its forms. I used to write a lot when I was little, it was my way of dealing with life. And used to listen to ghazals and qawwali a lot. So life took me to these things. I want to be recognized as a human to whom God gave all these talents and she is making the best use of them. A vessel of love. That’s it. All I want is to spread love through any and every form of art.


How has your acting career been so far? Has getting to where you are now been relatively easy for you or have you had to overcome many obstacles?

It was a rollercoaster. And no, it wasn’t easy. Nothing in life worth having is easy.


You’ve always been cast in character roles! Do you believe that acting talent is not as significant in our industry as skin color and physical attractiveness? What needs to be done to change these cliche criteria for lead roles?

Simple! Change the mindset of the entire nation from the roots up. That’s how you change the cliche criteria. There is no other way.


What’s your life mantra?

It changes but now a days it’s get up dress up and show up.

The Rapid Shot

Yasra as a friend or sister in law?

Her being married to my brother hasn’t changed our relationship status. We started as friends we still are only that.

What would 2022 look like for you?

2022 is the year of staying safe from all the viruses lol

Your most prized possession?

My family

The one thing that is a mood killer?

Too much talking

Your life’s motto?

Be kind

Biggest Regret

None. A lot of tiny ones though 😂

Three things you have with you all the time?

  • My phone
  • A small first aid kit mostly first aid meds.
  • wet tissues

Someone you wish to meet

Tony robins

Top 3 things on your bucket list

To go on a meditation retreat

Visit the architectural marvels around the world

Start my business soon

What people don’t know about you?

if they don’t know something I would like to keep it that way 😂

What is the worst tantrum you have seen on set

I haven’t yet

Your best makeup room gossip partner

Not gossip but the most fun partner is Sonia Mishal

Most Difficult Co Actress

Sonia Mishal. You ask why. She orders too much food eats makes me eat she doesn’t gain weight. I do lolzzz what could be worse than that

What is one message you would give to your fans?

Please be kind and respectful. Especially on the internet

Jenaan Hussain

By: Kidwai Owais