Deja-Vu Syed Jibran

Interview of Syed Jibran 2021

Starting your career in 2001 after many rejections and struggles, what was that one thing which kept you going?

The fact that I am a very passionate and dedicated person. When I decide to do something, I don’t give up until I achieve the desired results.


Drama Serial “ChupRaho” was first of its own kind, how did you dealt with criticism Numair faced?

Loved it. The response was phenomenal. I won’t be lieing if I say that ChupRaho was a major turning point in my career. It helped me a lot in cementing my position as a bankable actor.


What’s that one character you think you would have pulled it off better?

To be honest I am never satisfied with my work so I guess if I have to revisit any of my characters to make them better that would be all of them.


Who’s a better co-star? Sajal Aly or Saba Qamar -why?

Saba qamar…. Any day …. Though Sajjal is an absolute darling to work with but the camaraderie I share with Saba goes way back than the one I have with Sajjal.

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Would you tell us about your upcoming film “GhabranaNahi Hai” particularly about your character?

GhabranaNahi Hai is my debut film and I play a very loveable character in the film, something I have never done on television. That’s all they can spill about my character as of now.


Lollywood is often shamed and bashed for the late payments and unprofessional attitude. What’s your take on this?

Well…. Late payments happen everywhere. Targeting the media industry only is not fair. Though I would like to see this problem being addressed in a proper way as it is a cause of concern.


Where do you see Lollywood Industry after 10 years?

If the world order is restored and things remain smooth a lot of good is going to happen to our industry. I am very positive about it.


What’s Valentine’s Day for you?

A day which reminds us that Love is the single most important thing in our lives but the love for humanity and your loved ones.


What is one thing that annoys you the most?



What is your biggest addiction?

My family.


Do you have a song that reminds you of your wife?

Tum se Yun mileinge…. hum ne sochanathaa…. auryehzindagee


Which costar of yours take the longest time to get ready?

All of them


What is your biggest fear?

Losing the people, I care for the most…. Again, my family.