Fashion Trends 2022

This year has been a smooth ride as far as fashion industry goes with plenty of opportunities to showcase the new trends and ideas. With life coming back to normal after Covid, the fashion brands unveiled their signature styles to create an oomph in the market.Here are few styles that stole the show.

Delicate Embroidery

Delicate Embroidery

Enriched with eye-catching shades, the thread work, crafted with vibrant contrasts emerged as one the most preferred look. We saw the fashion industry embracing embroidery once again with delicate motifs on kurtas to create a design of perfection. The embroidery stitches added texture and colour to the look of a dress that seemed to be hit among young and old. The most preferred designs of embroidery remained paisley in different shades, mainly on the neck. The sprinkle of tiny motifs of flowers all over was another style that dominated the fashion scene this year. In some instances, antique Peruvian inspired embroidery and traditional Balochi Taanka gained popularity.

Flared Long Dresses

long flowing dress

The flared printed dresses were seen as a perfect classic fit to relax in. Featuring delicate motifs all over, these flared, pleated dresses stormed the market and adorned to the hilt by many. Paired with a colourful scarf, the flared dresses were mostly seen on an informal day-outing. A block-printed long dress is one of the designs that found way in many wardrobes. The preferred material remained soft lawn, linen and pure cotton. Interestingly, these flared long dresses were taken in as both eastern and western style of clothing and were versatile enough to be worn on any occasion.

Mukaish Work

Mukaish or Mokesh work is a form of embellishment work in which strips of metallic wire are inserted into the fabric and then twisted to create metallic embroidery. This type of embroidery involves twisting thin metallic threads to create patterns all over the fabric. This form of embroidery appeared as a major fashion trend on many clothing items including sarees, lehengas and salwar kameez to shirts, tunics, kurtis and more. Most interestingly, it appeared on cotton dresses as an embellishment to add allure to the overall design. The attires were adorned with mokesh around hemlines, sleeves and necklines.


The colour saffron can safely be called this year’s trendsetter as it emerged in many designs. With it various shades of dark and light, Saffron was matched with other prominent shades including fuchsia pink, turquoise and electric blue. This earthen tone was a hit in formal and informal clothing. This classic tone with its deeper richness, illuminating many styles presented an earthy feel, widely admired.

Shimmery makeup

Bronzed in elegance and enameled with grace, a slight hint of shimmery makeup took center stage this year. Coral blush with a subtle glow on the cheeks and a glint of deep bronze on the eye is what the fashion world projected this year.

Welcoming the year 2023, we see many new trends on the horizon, however a it is too early to predict what the folds of fashion will reveal.