Showbiz Ki Khala February-23!

This month also arrived with lots of happening and developments.  here we have picked the popular stories from the entertainment world that have captivated the netizen’s interest and made headlines in the entire media.

Shan Masood ties the knot

Cricketer Shan Masood and his bride Nische Khan wrapped up their wedding festivities with a grand reception in Karachi in late January. Hosting the who’s who of Pakistani cricket, the evening witnessed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi, Sarfaraz Ahmed, and Fawad Alam, among other cricketers and notable personalities, in attendance. Prior to the event, a photoshoot of the newly married couple was held at a villa, pictures of which have now gone viral on social media. Shan looked dapper in a black suit over a crisp white shirt and red tie.

His ladylove, on the other hand, stunned in an Ammara Khan creation. A suitable choice for a valima event, Nische was clad in a beige peshwaas, complete with heavy gold and silver embellishments.

Shan Masood ties the knot

Saba Faisal’s Son Weds

Saba Faisal is a gorgeous Pakistani television and film actor. A few days ago, Saba Faisal posted a story on her Instagram in which she informed her fans that she’s going to Lahore for a very important task and soon after she reached Lahore, she started posting beautiful pictures and videos of the Dholki set up which was arranged at her home. She posted many pictures but didn’t much reveal about son’s wedding.

Mahira meets Messi

The FIFA 2022 world cup turned out to be an ‘unforgettable experience’ for Mahira Khan when her brother’s dream came true, to see Messi live. She posted on her instagram page showing a picture of hers with her brother enjoying the thrill of the game.

Adnan Siddiqui is upset about Mission Manju

Adnan Siddiqui is upset about Mission Manju

On his social media posts, Adnan Siddiqui voiced his annoyance at the ‘misrepresentation’ shown in the Bollywood movie Mission Manju. He suggested that instead of coming up with wrong information about how Pakistanis behave, the money laden industry should have done some decent research to present a correct picture of Pakistanis. He comments that there are ‘skull caps, surma, tawiz’ that go around in Pakistan. Further to that, the ‘janab’ and ‘mijaz’ seemed out of place. Calling Mission Manju ‘distasteful & factually incorrect’, Adnan Siddiqui rates it as ‘Poor story, poorer execution, poorest research.’… A message to the producers follow, ‘Next time, come and visit us. We are good hosts. Will show you how we look like, dress up and live.’

Sajal Aly all set to be Umrao

Sajal Aly all set to be Umrao

Sajal Aly is all set to take on a project of a lifetime! The actor is gearing up to essay Umrao Jaan in a Pakistani adaptation of the popular novel Umrao Jaan Ada. The novel has had several onscreen adaptations. And the latest is being helmed by producer Hamid Hussain. Unlike previous offerings, Aly’s Umrao Jaan is an eight-part series instead of a film. The series will feature two female lead cast with Sajal being one of them. Previously in Pakistan, Hasan Tariq directed Umrao Jaan Ada in 1972, with Rani in the lead role. Across the border, Muzaffar Ali’s popular take on Umrao Jaan (1981) starred Rekha, while JP Dutta’s 2006 adaptation Umrao Jaan starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Feroz Khan’s Battle

What has been happening with Feroz Khan and the rest of the actors is no secret at all. However the last straw of revealing everyone’s phone numbers and addresses is something downright unacceptable by the actors. The actors’ club is raving and ranting over this, totally not happy with this reaction on the part of Feroz kHan. ‘Feroze Khan is very vengeful and stupid for adding the personal numbers of all those actors and then making it public,’ says Fahad Mirza.

Maria B. Condemns Joyland

Maria B. seems to be totally against the movie Joyland. She has been saying a lot in the past to favour transgender and now her outburst to support and promote the movie has resulted in a lot of flake. A lot of people have boycotted her brand and want her to be quite about it. Calling it ‘injustice’, and an ‘agenda’, she urged the people to stay united against Joyland.