The Unbeatable Beast – Muhammad Rashid Naseem

“Impossible is nothing!” they say. Rashid Naseem has proven everyone incorrect in a society where sports and extracurricular activities are undervalued at all levels! Rashid Naseem, Pakistan’s very own martial arts Guinness world record holder, earned his master’s degree in mass communication from Karachi University in 2005 and is now the founder and president of the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts, which he founded in 2001.

Despite the noise and bustle, Rashid remained focused and committed to making Pakistan proud. He has now broken a total of 73 Guinness World Records! We the team of Fashion Collection take honor and pride to have a conversation with the unbeatable beast

Guiness World Record Holder Muhammad Rashid Naseem Interview

What motivated you to become a Martial Artist?  

When I started martial arts my motive was to make myself stronger physically and mentally as I used to be very weak at that time and was unable to do even a single push-up properly. That laid the foundation for my martial arts career.

Do you think the life of a Martial Artist is tough compared to other professionals?

Every profession has its difficulties and hurdles. If you talk about only sports then yes for Martial arts you need to put an extra effort to make your mind and body stronger as you have to deal with self-defense and fighting techniques which require rigorous training, much stamina, and a strong body. You can’t make your name in any profession if you don’t give your best and do not do extra hard work. The way your profession is the way your difficulties will be.

What is your favorite sports quote? 

Bruce Lee quote: Knowing is not enough we must apply Willing is not enough we must do.

What is the one thing you always do after a good performance?

First of all, I pray to Allah and If my father is present at the time of breaking the record then I meet him first as he has sacrificed for us a lot and he is my true spirit, my utmost supporter. 

Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

Indeed attitude but a positive one is very much important in the field of martial arts. As it helps you to move forward no matter what happens how big the difficulties come you need to take those with a positive attitude and good morale. I always try to be in good morale before and after breaking any record.

How Many World Records You Have Broken And What’s Your Personal Favorite?

I have broken 71 records until now. Generally, I like all of my records because I put my forth effort in achieving all of those world records but I like more Nunchak’s records. I have 7 Nunchak’s records so far and I have beaten Chinese martial artists too in that record.

What sports other than yours do you think should be promoted in Pakistan?

Sports is always a healthy activity and I believe every sport has got its potential and charm. But I like football more.

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How did you pick up your career in this field?

I have done my Master’s in Mass communication. I used to practice martial arts as my hobby and as a healthy activity. I never thought of making it as a career but by the passage of time ALLAH PAK kept on giving me success and whatever I am today is obviously because of Almighty Allah’s blessings upon me.


We all have our own struggles. What kind of struggles have you had?

For any competition or breaking records in any sports, you need to have financial aid or sponsorship. I face the same problem as others and I have to finance world records breaking on my own.


Do you have any advice for young people who want to start a career in sports like this?

Do sports as a passion. If you have got guts, hard work, and determination then that sports might eventually become your career as well. Just keep on giving your best and leave the rest in Allah Pak’s hands.


Please tell us the role of your parents in your success?

Without your parents your family’s support you can’t do anything. My father is a welder by profession but he always gave importance to my studies and career progression. Although he did not have enough resources to support me he did whatever he could do as he wanted me to be in a good position in life and today whatever I am is because of the prayers of my parents.

What is your favorite food to eat the night before a big competition?

There is nothing special as I follow a diet plan before breaking a record and avoid all junk and fast food, especially cold drinks. So after the completion of the record, I like to have a cold drink.

What kind of diet do you prefer?

I prefer boiled and grill food in martial arts. Green vegetables, boiled chicken, fish, or mutton should be grilled or boiled. Plus fresh juices, fruits remain a part of my daily diet.

Guiness World Record Holder Muhammad Rashid Naseem Interview