Up Close and Personal with Raza Talish

A man who began his career four years ago and comes from a humble and gifted family. We may recognize him as the son of famed director Aehsun Talish, but as his career progresses, we see him wonderfully carrying on his family’s legacy as an actor, writer, and director. We were fortunate to catch Raza Talish for a quick interview for this issue of fashion collection Pakistan! Here’s all you’ve ever wanted to know about him!

1-Raza Talish

∗ Can you tell us a little about your childhood?

I’m an only child so you can expect the amount of attention I have received from the entire family(paternal and maternal) and I was way too pampered by them.

∗ Coming from a family with a long history in the industry, you are naturally gifted with acting and skill, but was it relatively easy for you to break into the field? Was the procedure followed the same way? For your first drama, did you have to go through any auditions?

I entered the acting scene through Suno Chanda but honestly, it was something I had never planned. I was working as an AD, the opportunity came as a surprise which I grabbed. Although I did give auditions, I and Sabeena together auditioned but yes I do accept my journey in terms of breaking into the field as an actor was relatively much less complex than  someone who doesn’t know anyone in the field from before

∗ Lollywood is often shamed for late-payments and unprofessional attitude. What’s your take on that?

I suppose that’s the case with every field in our part of the world. I hope things improve soon.

∗Which of your co-star takes the longest time to get ready?

Every co-star, or maybe it’s me who doesn’t take time.

∗ How did it go working with celebs like Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed, and Iman Ali? Any memorable moments from the drama series Suno Chanda or Tich Button that you’d want to share with your fans?

One moment from Suno Chanda ka set which I can’t forget is when I gave around 30 retakes for a shot because I kept on forgetting my lines. It was the first day and I was very nervous

∗ Who was your idol, the person you looked up to and desired to emulate?

Apart from my family one artist I really admire is Farhan Akhtar.

∗ “isliyea kiun kay woh Aehsun Talish ka beta hai”, “yeh toh parchi hai” How do you feel about nepotism? Are you convinced it exists?

I do feel pressurized at times but I guess it gives me the strength to do better. And Yes nepotism exists in every field.

∗ As a novice in the entertainment sector, what do you believe needs to be improved?

Well, we all improve with time. Me, you, everyone. considering our field I guess screenwriting needs to be improved.

∗ where do you see the Lollywood industry after 10 years?

I hope we can go beyond releasing films on Eid. Stories/content need to pull the audience, instead of occasions

∗ How would you describe your relationship with your father?

Friendly. freedom with a combination of strictness.

∗ What is your favorite memory from your childhood with your father?

Can’t pick one, but definitely watching him direct a scene.

∗ Aehsun Talish as a father or as a director? Does his treatment of you vary as a result of these two separate roles? Which of the roles interests you the most?

It’s quite lucky since this combination has provided me with a lot of vision through his guidance although when we work together it’s strictly professional.

∗ What message would you like to send to your dad on fathers Day?

If you are reading this, pls give me the pair of jeans back which you have hijacked :p

∗ What do you have planned for father’s Day?

Now that I thought of it, I shall gift him a pair of  jeans(only so that I could get mine back).

Rapid Fire

What’s your favorite drink?

Blue Gatorade/lassi(sweat)

When are you most productive?

Prolly at night.

→ Summer or winter?


→ What’s something new happening in your life right now?

Been writing a script these days.

→ What’s your favorite number and why?

9, You multiply it by any number. Answer sums up to 9

→ Your favorite cake flavor?

Brownie cake(lotus)

→ How do you start your day?

Usually it starts at night! Jokes apart with a lot of food.

→ In which subject were you worst at school?

Surprisingly literature

→ In which subject were you best at school?


→ What advice would you give your young self?

I think I would totally misguide my young self

→ What scares you?

Sometimes my dreams.

→ Cats or dogs?


→ If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Any place where I can speak my language.

→ What would you change about yourself?


By Ouwais Kidwai