What to wear to look intelligent

It is true that clothes are a window to a person’s personality, thus dressing up to look intelligent and smart is easy too. All you have to do is to smart choices of clothes and accessories to look like an intellect.

Wear glasses

The ultimate geek’s accessory is scientifically proven to make you look more intelligent. Glasses with a dark rim are judged as more intelligent. The best choice however is rimless glasses that are evaluated as both cleverer and more trustworthy.

Go for neutral colors

Red might be the color of power and passion and yellow might be associated with youthfulness, but if you’re trying to look smart and respectable, wear a mainly neutral color palette that doesn’t distract from your competence or polarize people. To add a little fun, experiment by mixing shades within the same family so you have tonal depth without any jarring colors.

Keep your shoes well polished

A woman who doesn’t know how to look after her shoes doesn’t know how to look after her life, or at least that’s what most people think. People often say, “a person’s sole is a window into their soul” Stepping out in shoes with well-maintained heels and polish shows the world that you pay attention to detail and that you are on top of your game, all attributes needed to one day be the boss.

Wear a perfume

It is extremely important to smell good when it comes to being intelligent. According to a study, a person who smells good is often considered to be concerned with the results and hence taken as more responsible and brainy. Choose a particular smell and stick to it. Making a scent your signature fragrance is the right thing to do.

Dress modest

A dress with a simple cut with minimal of distractions and a collar is often considered and looks smarter than one with frills and trimmings. Choose the correct dress for the right occasion. If you are planning to impress someone with your intelligence, then never choose gaudy, frilly or too revealing clothes. The modest look always empower women.

Wear well fitted clothes

Shop for clothes that are tailored and fit you well in length, in the waist and in overall fit. They can be stylish and trendy, so long as they fit well and makes you look brainy. Avoid wearing too long shirts and kameez. No one looks smart in hugely over sized dresses, so be very careful when you choose the correct clothes.