Design inspiration

Styles from the 1990s are now back. Choker necklaces, hair parted down the middle with barrettes — we look at those trends now and think they’re from the ’90s, but in reality, those trends actually first surfaced in the ’60s or even before then in the ’20s. Trends keep reproducing themselves but they slowly evolve each time a decade comes back in vogue.

Fashion Collection unveils some of the design inspirations that will continue to rule the world in the years to come.

Bell-bottom and flared pants:

You might want to toss out your favorite skinny jeans because the next decade — especially the next two years — will be dominated by pant styles from the ’70s. The years 2020 and 2021 will showcase a range of throwbacks, including bell bottoms.

Exaggerated collars and bows

Exaggerated and feminine collars, which hark back to another trend of the 1960s and 1970s, are poised to make a major comeback. The trend was on show on the runways of Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week this past fall, and the look is already beginning to pop up in street style looks.


Inspired by 1960s fashion trends, crochet and woven garments are set to be huge in the coming years — most notably in the spring and summer seasons.

Designer labels

One major trend we saw a lot of in the early 2000s was a devotion to designer brands — think Von Dutch hats, Juicy Couture sweatsuits, designer handbags, and more. Today, consumers still love brand-name and designer items, and this isn’t expected to change any time soon.

Handmade and artisan-crafted items

While people still love designer names, consumers also want to purchase higher quality, handmade items that will last a lifetime, or even multiple lifetimes, but may not necessarily carry a designer name.

More intertwined with technology.

There’s a lot of designers out there working on fashion tech using materials that charge your phone or glow, or incorporate other kinds of technology.

Vintage and second-hand items

Sustainability is perhaps the biggest focus of the fashion industry in the next decade. Vintage shopping is playing a major role in allowing fashion lovers to experiment with “new” styles without purchasing “fast-fashion” clothing that tends to go out of style and is generally low-quality.

Bold wardrobes.

When it comes to upcoming trends, it’s less about what’s ‘in,’ and more about trying something new and expressing yourself through your wardrobe. Customers are really responding to novelty prints and experimenting with bold silhouettes.