Fashion to adopt this autumn

Pastel Tri-colored Nail Art

Take a new approach to French manicure and give your nails a twist with a pastel tri-colored nail art. Pastel colors are gentle and pleasant to the eye and you can be certain that your choice will always be beautiful and fashionable and will distinguish your style. The delicate shades merged into one another emphasize the beauty of hands and they will look neat and well groomed. Pastel colors harmoniously complement any outfit and perfectly match with all makeup and hairstyle options.

Pastel lawn prints

Floral pastel prints on lawn are a timeless treasure. This season, go for the pastel prints meant to look amazingly cool and stunning. Cream florals, autumn blossoms, rainbow shades and seashell prints are in vogue paired with matching cigarette pants in the same hue. Some of the digital prints including seeds, legendary monuments and double prints are equally popular to go with jeans or tights.

Block printed kurtas

The ethnic feel of the block printed apparels is the new fashion craze for all to add the desi appeal. This particular style speaks with intricate designs and multitude of hues and patterns. A block printed cotton kurta provides excellent comfort and style; a must have this season.  Each piece of textile is hand decorated and embellished with lots of labor, hard work, precision and patience. Inspired by the breathtakingly stunning and serene culture, tradition, patterns, prints and motifs, block print looks glamorous, sophisticated and trendy at the same time.

Bling sparkle on your dupatta

A sequin scalloped dupatta in a lighter shade is what most designers suggest to go with the traditional ensemble. The rich work on the borders in wide range of designs makes the choice all the more alluring. Equally interesting is the chiffon dupatta with small buti motif Butis add to the elegance of a dupatta and make it look extraordinary. Floral embellished motifs, all over the dupatta in monochrome, break the monotony of colour, and add to the beauty of the entire ensemble. For all those who are unable to decide which dupatta to go for you can always get a dupatta in georgette material , seal the deal with golden lace on all four sides of the dupatta, paste a few embellishments on the dupatta and you are ready to flaunt your beautiful flowy dupatta. Make sure you get a contrasting or a textured border to make the dupatta pop!

Three tone ensemble

The trend of sporting a three coloured dress is very much in vogue. The shalwar, tights or bottom pants are usually in a darker tone of steel grey, teal or navy blue paired with a lighter shade of blue or green ending with a contrasting and striking coloured dupatta in pink or orange. On a more formal touch for a corporate look, a black pant matched with a grey kurti and brown stole looks neat and stunning.