Today, running clothes are more versatile than ever before. Thanks to advances in design and fabric technology, the outfit you wear for your morning run can help you perform at your peak while still looking good enough to wear to brunch. Here’s our roundup of the coolest running clothes to update your sports style.

Whether you like to pound the pavement or hit the dirt trail, wearing the right clothes can give you an incredible boost when running. Of course, if those items also happen to be seriously chic, then that’s even better, right? So, stop settling for sloppy t-shirts and stretched-out leggings and treat yourself to some functional and fashionable new sportswear. You’re bound to set a new personal best looking and feeling this good.


Finding the motivation to get outside and go for a run during winter can be a challenge. Thankfully, the right clothes can help make meeting your fitness goals easy, even when the weather is cold. So, before the chilly season comes, stock up on winter running essentials, such as long leggings. Also, invest in a stylish yet practical jacket that will make you want to go out and show it off.

Hot weather calls for light and breathable running gear. So, when summer hits, opt for practical clothes, which will keep your legs cool, lightweight mesh sneakers, sweat-wicking simple tank tops. To ensure your style is also on-point, steer clear of heavy and heat-absorbing black hues and opt for light and bright whites instead. Then, just add a pop of colour when you want to mix things up.


If you’re a free spirit, chances are you love to run. But, you may also find that traditional running clothes are a little too boring for your tastes. If that’s the case, consider opting for some hippie-style running clothes.