Fashion Trends

Wide-Legged Pants

For years, it’s been all about the skinny jean. But prepare to embrace extremely wide-legged pants that is very much in vogue. A stunner with kurtas and kameez, the flared pants are practical ensemble for the warmer days ahead. It is mostly worn in neutral shades of lilac, pale yellow, off-white and grey that goes with most colours and look classy too. Commonly known as Palazzos, flared pants bear resemblance to the traditional gharara, hence is equally suitable for weddings and formal occasions.

Coloured beads and baubles

When it comes to jewelry, the dainty metal earrings and bracelets are definitely out. In comes a bolder look of coloured beads that are equally considered alluring. These beads are twisted in different shades and matched with baubles to create a bohemian, springy look that suits the morning outdoors and outdoor retreats. For a formal look, jazz up the dress with delicate bead strings and earnings.

The power of green

This season in spring 2019, the lush and fresh shades of green are in vogue. Be it lime, bottle, neon or leafy, the varying shades of green look equally stunning with whites, blues and even rustic shades of orange. The green coloured kurta adorned with bright pink, crimson or even canary is symbolic to flaunt the many shades of spring this season. So go ahead and invest in the colour green that never goes out of style.

Cute handbags in all shades

This time of the year, go for the clutch that serves the purpose. Gone are the large oversized handbags. The fashion is to look for cute handbags that are small and easy to carry. With minimal of fuss, these handbags can be worn in shades of white, black and browns to suit a professional environment. For a brunch outing with friends and family, choose red, blue or orange to go with a trendy outfit.