With the humid air of the Autumn turning to breezy winters, here are some fashion ideas that will make your days fun.

Tracking jewelry

The tracking ring is a unique and more discreet alternative to traditional fitness trackers that you wear on the wrist,

It provides wealth of data at your fingertips with the help of a smartphone. With an embedded heart rate monitor, this

sensor automatically detects activities like running, the calorie burn, and also your workout. Available in metallic shades

bronze and silver, tracking jewelry is also available as necklaces and bracelets.

Embdroidered shirts

When the plains and printed shirts look common and mundane, it is time to invest in some embroidered shirts that offer a plethora

of choices ranging from floral motifs, geometric and abstract designs. ne of the most expensive embroidery technthe iques yet

economical method of embroidery is chain stitching, couching or laid work. Couching is mostly used for goldwork. One of the

advantages of owning an embroidered shirt is that it never goes out of style.

The long dress

In the sweltering heat, a long lawn dress is a blessing. Worn in pastel shades with pasley designs, the long dress provides

both comfort and style. Long dresses are often associated with a more elegant and traditional look.

Some feel that a long, flowing dress is more appropriate for what is considered a very formal occasion, however a cotton dress

can be worn on any occassions. Long, formal dresses come in many forms.

They can be simple and elegant dresses or more dramatic ones with bold prints and colours.

These sophisticated dresses can make you feel like a fairytale princess.

Mettalic sandals

If you tend towards a classic, minimalist palette such as black, navy or white, use metallic footwear to punctuate the monotone looks.

If you’re just dipping your toe in the trend, so to speak, making the shoes the focal point of the outfit is a subtle way to ease into wearing metallics.

Shiny shoes pair well with an understated ensemble, counterbalancing tonal hues and classic separates.Traditional metallic finishes such as silver,

bronze and gold can stand in place for your regular neutral-toned shoes, while coloured metallics can heighten the impact of a complementary color palette.

Cracked or distressed finishes offer a more toned-down alternative to high polish gleam, while a sequinned pump will take any outfit truly over the top if you dare.

Hoop Earring

The style of a casual, sporty, classic and modest earring is wearing a gold hoop earring. Big hoops look less fancy, while black and white hoops look casual.

The best thing about them is that you can wear them with casual and formal outfits.

They can look really chic for a formal look while also looking really fierce with a denim jacket.

They look stunning with short wavy hair and slicked back, long ponytails.

You can also wear hoops with turbans and they will still look great.