Fashion World

Marigold Yellow

The bright marigold yellow is the colour that will reign most wardrobe. Get a scarf, duppatta or even earrings to splash colour in your wardrobe. The shade, which is known by some as Gen-Z yellow, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; integrate it into your wardrobe and invite it to brighten up any look—it’ll deliver. The stunning look of marigold yellow looks amazing in the form of a formal sequened dress as part of a wedding or engagement collection.

Hippy Modernism

The fashion of adorning the Boho trend is all about the long, languid and sensual with natural prints. Amulet jewelry, crochet pieces and raffia accessories make the look complete. Geometric prints, scarf dresses, artisan knits, fringing, crochet shoulder sacks are something to look forward this season.

Wonky Couture

This fashion is picking up the hoodies and athleisure-wear. Fine tulle, ruffles, balloon sleeves, bubble skirts, swirls of taffeta and duchess satin, sunray pleats and personality-packed volume dresses – for Spring is what the designers are planning ahead. The 50s and 60s era couture gowns will be reworked as shorter, less precious, more casual pieces.

The Art of Craft

Pakistan’s plethora of indigenous craft serves as inspiration for many designers both locally and internationally. The use of Ajrak, Ralli work, mirror work and Multani gota work is just a glimpse of what the fashion trend about to unfold

Functional Garments

Features such as adjustable trouser length, hidden and roomy pockets, adjustable slit in dresses and anti-stain, antiwrinkle and easy care garments are more in fashion now. The reappearance of reversible clothing becomes the most fashionable piece of clothing with the flexibility to adapt as needed.

Acid-washed denim

Re-think acid-washed denim. The favourite of 1980s pop stars has come good at Dior, Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant, but the key is in the styling: size up with an acid-washed day dress, or pair jeans with a classic blazer. These are the casual fashion dressing to follow this season