Happy Valentine’s Day with Velo

Velo Pakistan celebrates Valentine’s Day with Velo Hearts and Horses in Lahore

This Valentine’s Day, Velo Pakistan welcomed all the queen’s hearts and all the king’s horses to come together to celebrate love. The event titled ‘Hearts and Horses’ saw the who’s who of Lahore entertainment fraternity join with their kings and queens to celebrate the timeless emotion that has inspired poets and artists for millennia.

Held at Polo Club Lahore, Velo Pakistan hosted the giant jamboree which included a bunch of attractions for the love birds. The first of them was a beautiful and colorful umbrella entrance welcoming the guests on the starry, love-filled night. Inside, a massive ‘Hearts and Horses’ themed picture frame awaited them where the couples could pose and capture their moments together.

Ever thought how it’d feel to celebrate Valentine’s Day in infinity photo booth? Yes? No? Well, the new, innovative brand also surprised everyone with an infinity photo booth at the festivity so now you definitely can.

While the kings and queens posed and floated in infinity photo booth, French DJ Victorien of FVDM groove up the beats to make everyone. As British-Irish singer Siobhan Fahey may have sung, “Just like a serpent, you strolled into my heart, a vampire of the night, shot your poison dart,” the Lahore’s love-stricken professed and displayed their affection towards one another on this night.

Further, international artists entertained the audience with her magnificent performance and  wearing mesmerizing  dresses. In all, Velo Pakistan hosted a successful celebration of love in Lahore. Billy Mack may have sung The Trogg’s ‘Love is All Around’ for Christmas in the 2003 film Love Actually, but the same can definitely be said for this (and every) Valentine’s Day. Love, or well, Velo was truly all around on February 14.