Naturally Rosy cheeks

Rosy cheeks are any girl’s dreams as it makes every girl look more gorgeous. But is makeup the only way to make your cheeks rosy? We know that applying makeup is not natural and when we remove makeup, all the glamour that comes with makeup vanishes instantly.

So how to get rosy cheeks the natural way?

Fill in the deficiency:

There are two vitamins which are vital to the natural glow of the skin. These are vitamin E and vitamin C. If you see unnecessary cracking of your lips or your facial skin getting even more dry than normal, this may be the cause of deficiency of Vitamin E and C. Consult a good doctor and take capsules as supplements for these two Vitamins.


Alternatively or complementing the intake of supplements, you can apply a paste of Orange peel which is rich in Vit C and mix it up with some Cream milk and a broken Vit E capsule. Apply this paste on the skin, especially on the cheeks for 20 minutes and wash off with luke warm water.

Proper and Sufficient Diet

Having a good and healthy meal is the key to healthy skin and a more beautiful self. You should never skip your meals even when you are on diet. Crash dieting is never good for your health. You should take at least 4 nice and healthy meals a day including breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. If you are hungry in between meals, you should take some light snacks which are healthy. Never leave your stomach growling for food. That will make you eat even more when you sit down to eat next.

Following certain food patterns can ensure a natural glow on your face.

  • Cut down on red meat consumption. Include fish and chicken proteins.
  • Add sprouts to your meals .They are a great source of proteins.
  • Add low fat milk and milk products like low fat yogurt and skimmed milk.
  • Add lentils to your daily meals. They will give you the daily protein boost.

Exercise and Hydration:

Regular exercise and proper hydration helps you maintain and preserve bright and beautiful skin.


Regular exfoliation of skin will help you get soft and rosy cheeks for sure. However remember that if you are exfoliating you skin regularly, then a mild and very gentle scrub is the best solution. Do not scrub every day especially in a harsh manner.

Mild Bleaching:

Some mild bleaching can help you get rosy cheeks. Apply some cider vinegar with a cotton ball on the cheeks .This will make your skin jump to life. However, if it reacts then do not continue. You can do the same with lemon juice but do not go out into the sun immediately after applying lemon juice as it makes your skin sensitive to sun rays.

Anger and Stress management:

Stress and anger can rip the natural glow off your skin. So try to keep the levels of anger and stress away as far away as possible. Try yoga or meditation. Sleep is also an important factor. If you are not getting enough sleep, it will mean your stress levels will not be completely countered. Sleep enough so that when you wake up, you feel fresh. Your skin will glow naturally. Moreover when you sleep, your skin secretes oils which will nourish your skin while you sleep.

Proper Massage:

Circulation of blood under the skin is a nice way to add glow to your skin. Proper massage in circular and anti circular ways can make your skin rosy within days. Continue this to get proper benefits. You can massage your skin with facial massage cream too.