Party makeup that stands out

With the changing time, the makeup and beauty trends and habits have also altered. The onset of a fresh decade means there are new and exciting things to do to your face!

Here are makeup ideas to make yourself beautiful at the parties

Glass Skin

Think of nothing more, but a glowing, glass skin, which you can achieve by slathering a mixture of moisturizers, cream highlighters, and oils to beam your face up. Make sure to only use setting powders in certain areas on the face so your skin doesn’t look too oily.

Feathered, Fluffy Brows

Be confident and embrace undone, lived-in, full brows.Go ahead and use brow pens to mimic the natural hair with beautiful shapes. Create the look by using soap and a precise angled brush to make hairlike strokes through the brow, which really gives the brow a fuller, more precise look.

Floating Eyeliner

Instead of traditional black eyeliner looks, go for lots of lots of floating liner…in bright colors. To create the eyeliner shade you’ve ever dreamed of, all you need is a white eyeliner pencil and a sharp angled brush. Gently press a bright eyeshadow into the shape you create with an eyeshadow color of your choice.


Do not think of the boring monochrome. Intentional color-blocking with vivid shades is another cool way to experiment with color. Whether it’s pairing a blue eyeshadow with an orange lip, or using a popping green shadow with a pink blush, try having more fun with color.

Blown-Out Blush

Try wearing popping blush in pinks and corals to make a statement. And not just on the apples of the cheeks, but also high on the cheeks, into the temples, and diffusing into the eyeshadow. The party look is all about a lot of makeup on the face.

Glitter and Crystals

One of the big, influential makeup ideas is about addin glitter and crystals into your makeup regime, even if it means investing in a liquid shimmer. Glitter on cheeks, eyeshadow and even on lips is what party makeup is changing into.