Pretty hair accessories to adorn

Pretty hair accessories to adorn

Stuck in a hair rut? Let influx of hair accessories give your day-to-day look a sparkling new lease of life that’s more high fashion than Gucci’s clutch bags.

The bling hair accessories are always an inspiration for fashion statement. Glittering brooches and embellished crystal bows keep the hair in place and add a perfect finish to what was an early eighties fashion.

Hair bandanas:

Bandanas have been in the fashion scene for decades and now that 2019 has started, there are still no signs of this fad going away anytime soon. A bandana is no longer than just a neckerchief, in fact, it is used for so many purposes for you to amplify your sense of style. It is trendy and it never goes out of style! Somewhere between hair metal bandanas and 80s sweat bands, black leather head wraps look stylish.

Satin Scrunchies:

Satin pastel scrunchies look gorgeous on any ponytail. Tie them around your basic ponytail to spice up your style, add them to the end of your braid, or even around the base of your bun, for a splash of extra color and style. The colours in vogue include lavender, coral and mint. So next time, you intend to make a fashion statement with your ponytail, go for these beautiful ties.


Crowns and tiaras are no longer limited to fairy tale princesses. They are now a fashion statement smart ladies wish to adorn. One of the best ways to celebrate this style is to wear a flower crown. The look is a mix of trendy and hippie style with a cool image. No matter what your hair color, texture, or style is, you can wear a flower crown. This style goes well with long or short hair. Pairing it with a ponytail, braids, or even a bun will create an equally stunning effect. Wrapping a flower crown around a large topknot is the easiest fancy updo ever.

The claw clip:

Claw clips have made a comeback – even mini ones! You can use claw clips to hold twists or buns, accent an updo, or to make a half up look. It’s easy to throw your hair up wearing a claw clip. Mini claw clips can look modern! Do simple side twists, a full hairline of them, or an accented bun or ponytail. Use a medium-sized claw clip to hold a bun or twist! Or use multiple clips for an even more special look. Try a large claw clip in one of these cute styles! Make a messy bun, a french twist, or a half up look.