The beauty behind Exfoliation

While regular skin cleansing is clearly beneficial, exfoliating on a regular basis — once or twice a week for mild exfoliation, once or twice a month for more intense treatments — can improve the results of your skin care routine and help rejuvenate your skin. Whether you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin, exfoliation can bring new life to your complexion.


The process of exfoliation rids the body of any dry, dull skin by removing dead skin cells. The pores remain unclogged and refreshed with no blackheads or acne. In addition to the immediate visual benefits of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place. Not only this help with fine lines and wrinkles, but it will help to ease discoloration as well.


If you have not considered this as an integral part of your beauty regime, factor in the following benefits to get you going!

Improves Texture

One of the many benefits of exfoliating your skin starts with improving its texture. If your skin feels rough or dry, exfoliating your skin is an easy way to revive dry, dull skin! I’m sure you’ve experienced that magical feeling when you’ve exfoliated your face or arms and you’re left with super smooth skin! Make sure you exfoliate on a regular basis to keep skin smooth and help beauty products look even better!

Fights signs of aging

Another terrific skin benefit of exfoliation is to fight the signs of aging. As we get older, our skin’s natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows down. Dead and dull skin cells often make fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin stand out even more. Help your skin age even more gracefully by exfoliating regularly and shedding those dead skin cells!

Helps prevent breakouts

If you experience blackheads, whiteheads or breakouts, exfoliating the skin on your face will help keep pores clean and unclogged. When your pores get clogged up with dead skin cells, oils from your skin can get trapped beneath the surface, causing pimples. Help yourself keep acne under control by keeping pores clean and clear!

Evens out skin tone

Having an uneven skin tone is one of the many skin concerns of women these days, but we actually have a powerful weapon to fight against an uneven skin tone. If you guessed exfoliating your skin, you get a gold star for the day! Another one of the skin benefits of exfoliating is that it can help remove leftover dirt and makeup as well as layers of dead skin to reveal bright, new skin that’s hiding underneath.

Skin care products works wonders

There’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on quality skin care products and finding that your skin isn’t getting any benefit from them. If you’ve experienced this yourself, don’t be too quick to blame the product. If you have layers of dead skin piled up, the skin care product might not be able to penetrate your skin. Exfoliate regularly so your skin care products get a chance to really sink in and work on your skin!