The Colours of Spring

The summer collections are all in the market and trending on the highest fashion scales. Fashion Collection unveils some of the striking designs to follow this season.

Prints Sand and beaches

Inspired by the shimmery golden sand beaches, botanical gardens, lush green foliage, the designs of most designers are a sneak peak into the summer garden. The rich colours, imbued by embroidered trims and geometrical patterns invoke a feeling of true bliss. Adorned with bright pom, poms, beads and laces, the patterns look amazingly fashionable.

Thick Foilage

Come spring and most of the prints that we see around the market are highly influenced by the colour green. Shrubs, stalks, tropical jungle in varying shades of green and earthen browns. Palm leaves, fern and Eucalyptus foilage is gaining traction and becoming popular.

Blooms all over

the harmonious and symmetrical structure of flowers, their varied shapes and colours have always inspired designers. Flowers, associated with femininity also present subtleness, delicacy and ephemeral beauty that symbolize womanhood. The liaisons between flowers and femininity are visible in fashion designing.

Exotic gardens

Designers are choosing small wild flowers such as daisies, violets, forget-me-nots or more imposing, colourful ones like roses, camellias, chrysanthemums, dahlias, creating modest or more sophisticated patterns. The designs evoke an image of a wild meadow or resemble a garden full of exotic blooming plants coupled with colourful birds such as canaries and parrots.

Flowers reinvented

the Shapes of flowers are beinglargely modified while designing fabric. Geometrical images of flowers have become popular. Floral motifs are reduced to few lines or just several stains of colour. Some of them resembled in art deco style. Flowers in such fabrics are big and had bright, vibrant colours. Plain flowers, with rough outlines, sometimes looking similar abstract are gaining popularity.


Fresh Green – the Green must be THE color of spring. Spring is the time when everything comes back to life after a long winter slumber. Nature rejuvenates, the snow melts and everwhere fresh green pops up. Green in dresses also symbolizes “the color of hope”, a symbol of life and being/feeling alive. It stands for a positive outlook and attitude and evokes soothing and calming feelings, makes a person feel refreshed and rejuvenated.