The New fashion Rhythm

From fast fashion to cotton, the list of ways we consume fashion that have an adverse effect on our environment and other species is a long one. But is there hope?

A part from consuming less, recycling and repairing, can we find clothes and textiles which are more sustainable? And if you have to buy new clothes, which fabrics should you look out for? Here are six materials or innovations which could help in the drive for a more sustainable way of life.

Virtual Fashion Shows

  1. The British Fashion Council has now an online format for their fashion week. It is now bringing together a diverse selection of British brands to share a variety of creative content from podcasts and photo diaries under the BFC’s new editorial website. However, most major players like Burberry, Richard Quinn, and Wales Bonner are holding off on showcasing their spring collections until September.
  2. Hermès is livestreaming a digital experience tied to its spring 2021 collection, going live now.
  3. In Paris, FHCM has hosted a three-day digital event where accredited couture maisons presented videos and complementary content that went live on a preset show schedule, emulating the format of a physical fashion week.
  4. Virtual spectacles and special projects, including Etro’s coed catwalk staged at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sunnei’s three-dimensional showroom platform, and Prada’s virtual capacity show, has been shared globally during the digital fashion week for fashion lovers around the world to enjoy from home. On the final day of Milan’s new digital fashion week, Gucci is confirmed to premiere its men’s and women’s resort 2021 collection in the form of a digital fashion show.

3D Models

European fashion studio Ksenia Schnaider is known for its inventive runway shows, and the company recently did video installation using a simple app for iPhone, creating 3D models wearing their Fall/Winter pieces.

Ksenia Schnaider, in addition to using only the finest materials, prides itself on its contrast of technology and tradition, always searching for new, exciting forms to present the line in. The most recent collection called ‘Bodywarmer’ brings along with it a video installation, where the collection was presented on large plasma screens to ensure the most dramatic effect.

The video involved the use of the 123D Catch app, which generated 3D models wearing pieces from the new collection. Using common technology, the designer was able to create art through film.

The case of Hanifa Brand

The founder of Hanifa, Mvuemba was looking forward to holding her first runway show at this year’s event in New York but like countless other designers, those plans were shelved when Covid-19 forced cancellation.  Mvuemba came up with a new strategy to unveil her latest designs to the world: a virtual 3D fashion show.

The show was streamed via Instagram Live to tens of thousands of Hanifa’s followers, and saw each garment appear in 3D against a black backdrop, as though worn by invisible models.

The designer has made something of a name for herself when it comes to pushing boundaries and she leveraged technology and social media to build a thriving direct-to-consumer business.