Warm and fashionable wraps

With the winter almost here in most parts of the world, we are geared up to provide you an insight into what wraps and coats to opt for without comprising your style.

Here are few ideas.


A cape is basically a sleeveless jacket or coat that fastens around the neckline. To use your hands, you simply pop them out of slits that are usually in the front of the garment, and sometimes concealed. It might have buttons or clips down the front of it and could be shorter or longer. A cape is generally quite structured and may be considered more of a formal garment, in the same way that a tailored coat might be.


Ponchos are almost a bit of a cape-wrap hybrid (confused yet?) a poncho is usually made out of soft, unstructured material and consists of a square or circle with a head hole cut out of it. It’s much more “free” than a cape, and gives the feel of being wrapped in a stylish blanket, especially if it’s made from pashmina wool.


A woolen scarf is a perfect winter companion. Cool enough for early morning strolls and warm enough for sunset fun. The oversized bandana styling of the scarf is an effortless fashion statement. Perfectly pair it with your favorite neutral top and jeans, and you’ll be ready for any outdoor event this winter.

Wrap Dress

The wrap dress features a front closure by wrapping one side of the dress across the other and tying the fabric at the waist or back. Often seen by the likes of Kate Middleton, this style has a classic silhouette that is perfect for athletic body shapes, as it creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. Best can be wrapped over a shirt to look classy.


A piece of fabric draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body is a fashion statement during winters. Worn in a stylish manner, the warm feeling of a pashmina or any other woolen shawl is amazing. The woolen shawls are equally interesting to adorn this winter with their varied styles.