World’s Tallest Mural comes to Karachi

Karachi now supports the world’s tallest mural by a single artist and the credit goes to the Italian artist PepeGaka for the superb work. The artwork setting a new world record was inaugurated on December, 25th, observed in Pakistan as Quaid-e-Azam Day or Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday.

The initiative was taken by International Public Art Festival (IPAF) and I Am Karachi. The two organizations teamed up to have Center Point building in Karachi decorated with world’s tallest mural by a single artist.

The 286 feet mural has been made by Giuseppe Percivati, the artist also known as PepeGaka. His artwork depicts Pakistan’s ‘Mangrove Forest’ and is hoping to raise awareness about increasing deforestation in Pakistan. After all, the country is the 7th most vulnerable to climate change.

According to the artist, the Centre Point building mural is an image of Pakistan’s coastal line. There’s an eagle soaring overhead in a central-top position.

The artwork was officially inaugurated on 25th January in Karachi.

The art community is particularly honoured to see such a feat associated with Pakistan and look forward to similar programmes in Karachi.

Pepe is a soft spoken, gentle spirit. Muralist Giuseppe Percivati is an international artist whose work can be viewed at pepegaka.

The artist, GuiseppePercivati, popularly known as PepeGaka, has been producing artworks that depict the relationship between humans and nature. He creates pieces that are in harmony with their surroundings.