10 Best Hotels To Stay In Hunza!

Do you always plan to visit Hunza and it never happens? Because you don’t know much about the place and the accommodation is always an issue – Right? Vacation is all about having a good comfortable time, be it alone or with your partner or friends, one should always opt for the best hotel to stay in. We bring you the top 10 hotels to stay in Hunza to make your stay more memorable.

Luxus Hunza Hotel:

This hotel is quite famous for its view as you can enjoy the stunning views of Attabad lake from your room. Providing guests with world-class facilities to make your journey to Gilgit Baltistan unforgettable. Plus, this hotel combines luxury with nature and is the perfect choice for you to escape from everyday life.
Serena Inn Hunza

Serena Inn Hunza:

With the beautiful picturesque view, this hotel makes your holiday more memorable. Located in the beautiful city of Karimabad (formerly Baltit), Hunza Serena Inn is one of the most popular hotels in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan.

Hunza Darbar Hotel:

As can be seen from the name of Darbar Hotel in Hunza, the hotel provides ultra-modern facilities for those who visit Hunza and choose to stay in Darbar Hotel. This is a boutique hotel located throughout the valley, offering quality internal and international services.
Darbar Hotel Hunza
Eagle Nest Hotel Hunza

Eagle Nest Hotel:

One of the first hotels in Hunza, family-run since 1994, it is located in the Duiker area of ​​Altit in the Hunza Valley. Away from the hustle and bustle of the Central Valley. Eagles Nest Hotel is nestled among the mountains and enjoys magnificent tourist attractions. In addition, the view of sunrise and sunset from the balcony of any room is fascinating.

Fairy Land Hotel:

It is located in Duiker Valley, entering this wonderland hotel, you will immediately feel a special intimate atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Every detail has been carefully selected and every room is worth a visit.
Fairy Land Hotel Hunza
Hard Rock Hotel Hunza

Hard Rock Hotel Hunza:

It is a five-star hotel, located at Eagle Nest Road DuikarAltitHunza. With prior arrangements, you can stay with your pet. There is a parking space in the building. There is a plantation near the hotel. Please note that you can only pay in cash. Importantly, the hotel staff can speak English well.

Hunza Embassy Hotel:

The Hunza Embassy was established in 1986 and is another popular place in the valley. Just steps away from the historical Silk Road, this hotel offers guests a unique blend of traditional life and modern facilities. The view of the hotel is also great; after all, who doesn’t want to wake up and see the blue sky washed by snow-capped mountains.
Hunza Embassy Hotel
Hunza view hotel

Hunza View Hotel:

The Hunza View Hotel is a luxury hotel in the valley, providing you with the best service during your stay. The rooms are fully equipped with stylish ultra-modern bathrooms. With a scenic view, the hotel is one of the best.

Silk Route Lodges:

The hotel is located on the banks of the river and offers stunning views of the 7,000-meter-high Gulmit Tower and Cathedral Hill. The rooms are kept tidy and clean.his hotel in the GulmitGulkingPassu and Hussaini area has many scenic expeditions departing from nearby cities.
Silk route lodges
PTDC sost Hotel

PTDC Sost Hotel:

Hunza is a land of colorful and pleasant scenery that attracts hundreds of tourists every month. Therefore, there are a wide variety of hotels in Hunza valley, which can accommodate more and more tourists and guests. PTDC Motel Chain also serves the Hunza Valley. PTDC Motel Sost is a three-star luxury hotel located in Aliabad, offering the best facilities.