Bon Voyage Paris

“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Traveling has a significant impact on our ability to rest and revitalize. It also helps us to stay alive and active by bringing positive changes into our lives. Traveling allows us to put what we’ve learned in the classroom and on the internet into practice. As a result, a person who does not travel finds no meaning in life. Many people nowadays enjoy traveling because they want to see the world and see all they have read about. This appears to be justifiable, as practical knowledge is far more important and effective than academic information. People enjoy visiting historical sites in various regions of the world to learn more about them and to live a meaningful life. Ali Rehan, an enthusiastic traveler, who has visited many places to learn about the life, is with us. He will be talking about his recent trip to Paris in this feature.

Ali Rehan Paris Tour

Describe your trip in three words?

Dream | Unforgettable | Freedom


Have you ever visited Paris before for leisure or it was your first time?

I have been traveling the world before however, it was my first time in Paris.


Which cities did you visit?

I have been to many cities in the World. A few of them are Istanbul-Turkey, Paris-France, Zurich-Switzerland, Frankfurt-Germany.

Any incident you want to share with us?

I had a hard time because of language because when I had to order food it was really difficult for me, making them understand what I want.


What is the best and worst thing about Paris?

The most fascinating thing in Paris is the weather and the people. There are people from all around the world in Paris and the thing I was not happy about was the language problem. Because they do not speak or understand English.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts one has to keep in mind before visiting Paris?

Well, firstly I would say please make a list of the places you gonna visit there in Paris. Because there are many fascinating places in Paris and you probably gonna waste extra time being in one place because every place has a breathtaking view.

Ali Rehan Paris Tour
Ali Rehan Paris Tour
Ali Rehan Paris Tour
Ali Rehan Paris Tour

Which is the best place in Paris?

For me, it was the Eiffel Tower. I always dreamt of visiting in my childhood.


Did you like French food? What is the best dish?

Honestly, I love trying out new dishes but french pizza is the best one I have ever had.


Is it an expensive country?

Yes, it bit too expensive.


Is it necessary to take a tour guide?

Well, it totally depends on you, however, I visited every place through Google Map guidance. On my own


According to you, What are the best hotels or guest houses there?

I stayed in the Gare de Lyon Bastille Holiday Inn hotel. It was the center of the city so it was easy to get anywhere you want.


In COVID times, is it safe to travel there? Do they follow sops?

It’s quite difficult to get there during the COVID phase. Because you have to get your PCR test done before the departure in your home country and you’ll be tested again after getting there, and you’d be undergone the same process for coming back to your home country. So yeah it’s completely different from the time before COVID. Also, You will have to wear the mask all the time and you would be fined for not wearing it.


If you get a chance to visit Paris again, would you prefer to go back again? If yes, then for what reasons?

Yes, I would love to visit Paris again, maybe for pizza well jokes apart. I would be there for exploring more places that I couldn’t manage to visit during my last trip.

Ali Rehan Paris Tour
Ali Rehan Paris Tour