10 Easy Home Décor Ideas To Kill The Boring Vibes

We all have been home-bound for more than a year, things are finally getting back to normal. A lot of people went broke during the lockdown as they were just sitting home with no work and we neglected a lot of things including our home décor, it’s finally time to revamp things and forget about the bad times we have faced. These easy tips (pocket-friendly) will make you excited again to revamp your house and go back to normal life once again.

Spoon Display:

Take out all the spoons from your drawer and display them on the main wall in your kitchen. A collection of spoons takes pride of place in the kitchen when mounted on a painted board. For an extra special look, mount them in an ombre pattern.
Spoon Display

Oversized Quilt On The Wall:

Gone are the days when people only used to hang big paintings on the wall, if you can’t afford a life-size painting, cut your quilt according to the wall size and you are good to go. (use nails to hang the quilt).
Over Size Quilt

Wall String Art:

Update a laundry room wall with a craft straight from the 70s: string art. Want to give it a go in other rooms, too? Try writing “PLAY” in a kid’s room or “REST” in a bedroom. Simply hammer copper nails on the wall, and wrap the multi-color thread over it.
Wall String Art

Rope Baskets:

These you can easily buy from the market, if not then paste the rope on your boring vase to give your plant a whole new look.
Rope Basket

Chalk Wall Calendar:

As life gets back to normal, the chaos (carpooling, dinner parties, etc.) of everyday life will start to ramp back up. This chalkboard paint wall calendar will add fun decor to your entryway or kitchen wall while also helping to keep you organized!
Chalk Wall Calendar

Wall Art In Clipboard:

For this budget-friendly arrangement, simply clip prints to vintage clipboards. Thread a piece of leather jewelry cord under the clip, knot it at the top, and hang with a pushpin. Bonus: You can easily change out the images every season.
Wall Art in Clipboard

Bandana Chairs:

Refresh your dining room or outdoor chairs by adding pops of color with these DIY bandana chair cushions.
Bandana Chair

Cover Your Hanging Lamps With A Rope:

Add a subtle look to your lamp by wrapping a rope (jute would be fine), if you have a hanging lamp, then you must try this idea.
Hanging Lamp with rope

Cane Webbing Coasters:

Give your coasters a new look by pasting a cane on them, if you want to paint the base do not hesitate.
Cane Webbing

Book Side Table:

Take out all the old books and put them in use again, Drill a hole the size of dowel through each book’s center and glue the dowel to the center of the table’s underside. Stack encyclopedias, lining up holes and twisting. Skewer the dowel through the holes to secure them to the tabletop.
Book Side Table