Rejuvenate Your Home with Easy Home Décor Ideas

Whether you have a large home or small, a lot of money to spend or none just have one, singular room you want to redecorate, there are so many easy ways to change up your space. For those who just want a few changes that make things feel newer, try adding throw pillows to the furniture you already have or putting some mirrors on the walls to increase the light and create the illusion of more space. Or, if you’re ready to update a few larger pieces, try investing in a furniture focal point and then updating the rest of the room with smaller, more affordable objects.

1- Use Throw Pillows To Spice Up Your Seating:

Never underestimate the power of a good throw pillow. Even if you don’t want to change up your furniture pieces (or, quite frankly, can’t afford to), adding some cute throw pillows into the mix can instantly give any room an easy refresh. Try playing with different colors and patterns—and don’t be afraid to go for a bold pillow.

Use Throw Pillows To Spice Up Your Seating

2- Turn Your Bar Cart Into A Conversation Piece:

There are endless ways to decorate your bar cart, but it’s such a simple way to add to your home decor. You can use it to store your chicest glassware, add some bright flowers for a pop of color, or even add small decorative objects along with your liquor and wine bottles. Just opt for a look that suits your personal style, and you’re golden.

Turn Your Bar Cart Into A Conversation Piece

3- Create An Accent Wall:

If you’re not quite a maximalist, but you don’t want every single wall in your home to be covered in wallpaper or art, try creating an accent wall. A great (and easy) way to do this is to use a collage wall art kit. Artists, photographers, and the like curate a selection of photos that you can then arrange on your wall however you’d like!

Create An Accent Wall

4- Invest In One Furniture Focal Point:

For those who want to add an entirely new focal point to their home, but can’t afford (or don’t want to) completely redecorate, try investing in one piece of furniture you really love. This could be a stunning couch you’ve seen on Instagram, a maximalist armchair, or even the kitchen table of your dreams. You can then spruce up the rest of your home with smaller, more affordable pieces.

Invest In One Furniture Focal Point

5- Try Out A New Wallpaper (Or Removable Wallpaper):

Whether you want to create an accent wall or completely change the feel of your home, you can’t go wrong with wallpaper—both removable and permanent. If you know exactly what you want (and don’t think you’ll change your mind), go for a permanent wallpaper in a classic pattern. For those who like trendier options, though, you might want to opt for peel-and-stick wallpapers at first.

Try Out A New Wallpaper (Or Removable Wallpaper)

6- Use Storage Pieces That Double As Decor:

Everyone has items they need to store to keep off of countertops and the floor—but instead of using plastic bins, try storage that’s both functional and stylish. Rope baskets, cute bins, and even ottomans that feature extra storage are all wonderful options for keeping things tidy and aesthetic at the same time. It might just be one of the most essential home decor ideas out there.

Use Storage Pieces That Double As Decor

7- Add Mirrors To The Walls:

It’s no secret that the addition of mirrors in a home creates more light and the illusion of space. If you’re thinking about creating a gallery wall in your home, try adding a few small mirrors in addition to the art prints or photographs. Alternatively, add a couple of wall mirrors above your couch to let more light into your living space.

Add Mirrors To The Walls

8- Place Plants (Or Faux Plants) Around Your Home:

There’s nothing like a little greenery to brighten a space. If you can take care of a few plants, add them around your home for an overall boho and refreshing vibe. For those who don’t have a green thumb, you can get the same effect with faux plants—just don’t accidentally water them!

Place Plants (Or Faux Plants) Around Your Home

9- Brighten Things Up With Wall Art:

If your walls are feeling majorly drab, add some bright art prints to liven things up a bit. Especially if you live in a location where the winters are long and cold, you’ll be grateful to have some colorful and warm colors inside. Try mixing and matching different prints on a gallery wall, or just hang a large piece in a space you occupy the most.

Brighten Things Up With Wall Art

10- Opt For Floating Shelves:

While all shelves are generally helpful, floating shelves are one of the easiest home decor ideas that create more space on your walls—and serve as easy ways to display your favorite books, plants, and decorative objects. Because this style of the shelf is so versatile, you can use it to fill in gaps on your walls, or create an art and books gallery wall.

Opt For Floating Shelves

11- Spruce Up Your Bathroom With A Luxe Shower Curtain:

Your bathroom should be an oasis—a full stop. If yours doesn’t quite feel like one, try adding a cute shower curtain that brightens your day whenever you step into the bathroom. For those who might be completely redecorating their bathrooms, choose a shower curtain first, and then let it inspire how you finish the rest of your decor.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom With A Luxe Shower Curtain

12- Use Throw Blankets As A Decor Piece:

Something cozy that also serves as a decor piece? Yes, please. Throw blankets are great for cuddling up when it’s chilly, but they can also work as home decor. Find a blanket that works with the colors and aesthetic of your home—and that you also want to snuggle up in—for the ultimate cozy decor.

Use Throw Blankets As A Decor Piece

13- Add Some Coffee Table Books To Your Living Spaces:

When form meets function, you get coffee table books. Not only are they usually filled with gorgeous photos or interesting stories, but coffee table books serve as gorgeous decor options, too. Place them on your coffee table (of course) or add them to a bookshelf or dresser to serve as decorative objects.

Add Some Coffee Table Books To Your Living Spaces

14- Invest In Kitchen Accessories That Look Cute On The Counter:

If your kitchen is feeling a bit blah or even cluttered, re-think how you have it set up. Store everything that isn’t necessary to have on the counters, and then invest in kitchen accessories that actually look cute when they’re set out on surfaces. This could mean anything from a colorful Kitchen-Aid mixer to cake stands that bring you joy.

Invest In Kitchen Accessories That Look Cute On The Counter

15- Create Warmth With A Chic Rug:

When your floors are all hardwood, laminate, or even concrete, it can make a space feel less warm. Adding a chic rug, though, can add the coziness your home is missing. Make sure to measure your space and plan out where you want to place a rug before you purchase one! Forethought will go a long way with this home decor idea.

Create Warmth With A Chic Rug

16- Keep Your Bookshelves Organized & Aesthetic:

Use cute decorative objects (like miniature busts, plants, or candles) on your bookshelves to make them absolutely gorgeous. Some people also prefer to organize their books by color or keep them separated by different decor options—that way, the shelves become little conversation pieces rather than a mass of books.

Keep Your Book shelves Organized & Aesthetic

17- Turn Your Garment Rack Into A Home Decor Moment:

If you store some of your clothes on a garment rack (for easy access or due to a small closet), try turning it into a home decor moment. Organize your clothes by length, style, and color, hang shelves above the rack to create a closet wall, or add some cute accessories to the furniture piece as well. These garment rack ideas can help reduce a cluttered feeling in a small space!

Turn Your Garment Rack Into A Home Decor Moment

18- Create The Illusion Of More Space:

If you live in a small home, there are plenty of ways to create the illusion of space. You can add art higher up on the ceiling, invest in a floor mirror for your bedroom or living area, or make sure your storage game is on-point (keeping as much off the floor as possible). Making sure you embrace light colors on the walls and on larger furniture items can help, too.

Create The Illusion Of More Space

19- Add Lamps For A Cozier Vibe:

For folks who aren’t huge fans of harsh overhead lights, warm up your space and make it nice and cozy by adding lamps. From desk lamps and table lamps to floor lamps, there are so many chic options that are sure to match your ideal home aesthetic. This is one of those home decor ideas that can be easily achieved.

Add Lamps For A Cozier Vibe

20- Use Desk Accessories To Elevate Your Home Office:

Whether you have a tiny desk stuck in the corner of your bedroom or an entire room dedicated to a home office, you can’t go wrong with adding some cute desk accessories. Not only will these pieces add to the aesthetic of your desk set-up, but they’ll also make sitting down to work just a little bit more enjoyable.

Use Desk Accessories To Elevate Your Home Office