A stylish home

The fashion girl’s domain may be clothes, shoes, and accessories – but that doesn’t mean her house is anything less than runway worthy. Similar to fashion, your home should reflect your individual style and shout out for attention.
Here are the stylish décor ideas to make your friends droll over your home.

A plush throw

There is nothing better than the comfort of the luxurious and plush throw. For the fashion girl who loves Hermes and the likes, the wool and cashmere blend throw is the ultimate home accessory. Though expensive, it can be put on display only when entertaining guests.

Framed Fashion Prints

Whether drawn illustrations from Etsy or black and white photos by Mario Testino, images straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine pepper the fashion gal’s wall. Look up for all the fashionable images that make your room look glamorous, put them on the frame and display to your heart’s content. It is essential though to coordinate colours and images to create an interesting wall art.

Accessories as Decor

The average person sees a bookcase – but a fashion girl sees a place to display her shoes. Instead of hiding beloved handbags and designer shoe collections in the closet, the fashion girl proudly shows them off throughout her home like decor. Placing your expensive branded shoes neatly on a rack along with your trendy handbags is definitely a fashion statement.

Label Placements

Even if you are not able to put brands on your dresser, you can still have the names splashed across your home. The fashion gal knows there’s no wrong place to squeeze in a shoutout to her favorite brands. Regardless of whether or not she can afford that classic Chanel bag, she can pay homage to the label in creative ways throughout her house, like having a branded mousepad, a table mat or an elegant branded soap dish in the bathroom.

The scent

The fashion girl’s home doesn’t just look great, it smells great. Her choice of scented candle varies from elegant brands of Paris the expensive Moroccan perfumes. Splash them around in your home. Spray on your curtains and bed linen for that lasting lingering delicious smell.


Since the sidewalk is her runway, a fashionable girl needs to look her best every time she leaves the house or enter. Mirrors in the right places, near the foyer, bedroom and even living room is an ideal way to make sure nothing is short of fashion.

Creative Jewelry Storage

Baubles and bling are an essential part of every fashion girl’s wardrobe, and when you’re focused on aesthetics, regular hooks and racks just aren’t going to cut it. Only seriously stylish jewelry storage will do. Go for extraordinary looking racks like a statue or a figurine that makes it all the more stylish.