A Winter Getaway

The coolest season of the year offers many opportunities for family trips, including holiday getaways, snowy mountain escapes, and city breaks.

One of the most favourite destination remains Switzerland located in Europe surrounded by majestic mountains. In Switzerland, it is not just about snow; sunny paths and terraces, beauty and anti-aging treatments with Swiss luxury brands, mind and body exercises to slow the pace of life, healing water, pools with a view and the finest health foods await at many hotels.

Fair Trade World Champion

When it comes to shopping for quality over quantity, the Swiss are all over it! No other nation spends more money on fair trade products than the people of Switzerland. Meaning, you won’t have to stretch your search far and wide to get your hands on sustainable fashion brands or find eco stores like Switcher, Helveta or OC Outfitters of Change. Celebrity favourite and Swiss-born Jana Keller and her conscious accessoires label ‘Royal Blush’, offer sustainable leather jewellery and luxury handbags.

Fashionable cities

‘Oasis calm’, ‘Most beautiful place on the planet’’ and ‘Love at first sight’ are just a few of the nicknames given to the picturesque skiing resort of Gstaad. From Brigitte Bardot, Madonna and Michael Jackson and even Monaco’s Royal family, the rich and famous simply ADORE this exclusive holiday go-to situated in the Swiss Alps. And besides its celebrity status, the skiing opportunities and its five luxury star hotels, the city hails as a shoppers paradise! However, once you’re in Switzerland, you can not (and should not) miss a visit to the capital Bern. Right here, you’ll find one of the longest stretches of shopping streets in Europe, as well as the infamous pedestrian crossings filled with Swarovski crystals.

House of Luxury

Richemont, one of the world’s leading fashion companies bases itself in Switzerland, housing some of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands such as Cartier, Montblanc and Chloé.

The company was founded in 1988 by Johann Rupert, who, funnily enough, started the business after investing in the tobacco industry. Today however, they’re switching their sights to high-end jewellery, clothing, watches and leather accessories and were quite recently ranked as the 6th largest global fashion player by Fashionunited.

Shopping like a Boss

Swiss street style is defined as casual and sporty. You’ll find the big players in Switzerland’s fashion bubble actually consist of deluxe brands such as Strellson, Bally or Navyboot. However fear not, there are some lower-budget brands breaking through the Swiss barriers! Chicorée is growing continuously in popularity throughout Switzerland, catering to those enthusiastic, young fashionistas with a smaller shopping budget but a big appetite for trends. And Tally Weijl holds stores in over 37 countries, consequently ranking as the only Swiss budget fashion brand to go all out international.