It was a fine January afternoon in 2014 when us three met casually… one talk lead to another and we ended up discussing if we want to start a business online, what would it be…?? Our thoughts and personal interest in art lead us to a point where we decided to open an online art gallery…

The idea sounded a bit un-doable at the beginning… I mean, we thought who would buy art online?? But what took the better of us was the talent that our local artists have and the extreme lack of venues through which they can present their art to the world… We wanted to open a window for the world to peer into the country and acknowledge and appreciate the vast talent that our painters and artists possess.

We did some homework where we found that although there were art galleries in the country, but none were run in a structured manner and that none were focused on improving the value of the art piece that our artists were producing. Plus, all these galleries were (and still are) limited with respect to white space and display, whereas our platform allows us to present as many paintings as possible to the visitors of our website… and thus ARTCITI was born…

We put in a lot of effort in winning the confidence of both artists and our clients to make this effort successfully and Alhamdolillah, today, in a span of almost 6 years, we are one of the most recognized art galleries in the country with a serious following, especially from Pakistan’s expat community. We have close to 200,000 organic followers on Facebook. We recently created our presence on Instagram and gaining followers fast there as well.

All of this has been possible because of our extreme focus on customer service and respect and value appreciation that we have achieved for our artists… We have been able to change the mantra from “it’s because of the galleries that artists survive” to “it’s because of the artists that galleries thrive” … This appreciation and respect for our artists community has helped us gain and maintain their loyalties towards our gallery.

Mere having website doesn’t make any gallery an online art gallery , ARTCITI is fully functional virtual art gallery where collector can buy the favorite piece even without interacting with the staff… shipping, framing and packing cost on selected painting as per dimensions of painting and delivery address is calculated and display through a sophisticated in built software on website, we have credit card facility up on our website for payment .

We continue to perform in the same fashion; promoting Pakistani artists to every corner of the world.