Stepping into style: the significance of Footwear on Eid

Shoes hold significant importance for women on Eid in Pakistan. They complete the festive look, enhancing elegance and style. In Pakistani culture, footwear isn’t just about utility; it’s a symbol of cultural identity and celebration. Women often choose intricate designs, vibrant colors, and embellishments to match their traditional attire, like shalwar kameez or any attire they wear.

Stylish shoes enable women to take part in Eid festivities, including prayers, family gatherings, and outings with ease and grace. Thus, selecting the perfect pair of shoes is a cherished tradition, reflecting personal taste and add in the joyous spirit of Eid celebrations in Pakistan.

Eternal Elegance: Unveiling the Timeless Appeal of Evergreen Shoes

Kolhapur chappal

Kolhapur chappal

The Kolhapur chappal, famous handcrafted footwear, originated in Kolhapur, India. Made from leather tanned with vegetable dyes, its traditional designs are popular worldwide. Dating back to the 13th century, it was refined over time. Originally known as “Chappal with ears”, it gained popularity in the 18th century as “Kolhapuri.” Crafted from buffalo hide, it’s durable and suited for daily wear. Traditional designs like “Kachkadi” and “Bakkalnali” are known for their resilience and vibrant colors. Modern versions feature enhancing embellishments, suitable for weddings and parties. In Pakistan, Kolhapuri chappals are very popular for their durability and traditional designs. Woman enjoy wearing them on traditional attires as well as western outfits.

In modern Pakistan, Kolhapuri chappals are special, especially during Eid festivities. These comfy and snug leather flip flops, originally from India, are loved for their toughness and cool and catchy designs. People wear them a lot because they look social and ethical on all occasions, from Eid celebrations to everyday outings. They’re perfect for Pakistan’s hot weather and help local craftsmen keep their skills alive. Kolhapuri chappals merge old traditions with new style, making them a favorite choice for most of the people who are fashion savvy, especially during festive occasion like Eid.


The khussa is traditional footwear in Pakistan, deeply rooted in its rich cultural heritage. It has evolved over centuries to suit different environmental zones, from cold northern regions to warmer southern areas. The shoes are handmade, often adorned with intricate embroidery, and come in various styles and materials. Despite modern influences, khussas remain popular, reflecting the country’s history and traditions.

In modern Pakistani fashion, women's high-heeled shoes offer both style and comfort. Here are a few popular options

Glamour Stride

Glamour Stride: With sturdy block heels and adjustable ankle straps, these shoes offer stability and support, ensuring confidence with every step.

Sling back low heel flats

Sling back low heel flats

Sling back low heel flats are a popular choice in Pakistani weather for their elegance and style. The open-back design allows feet to breathe in the heat, while the low heel provides stability and support. Made with soft, breathable materials, these flats keep feet cool, balanced and comfortable throughout the day. Their versatility makes them suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events. Overall, slingback low heel flats are a practical and chic footwear option for Pakistani women in almost any season and occasion.

Platform shoes

Looking ahead to 2024, the world of fashion will see the return of platform shoes for women, blending contemporary style with a nostalgic touch. These shoes are known for their raised soles, which add height and boldness to any outfit. What’s really impressive is how designers are incorporating sustainable practices into their creations. The wide variety of styles available means that everyone can find a platform shoe that fits their personal style, whether it’s sleek and modern or chunky and bold. Platform shoes are a versatile fashion item, capable of elevating any outfit, from jeans to shalwar kameez. As such, they’re an essential part of any fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe in 2024 Eid.

Peep-toe stiletto heels

Peep-toe stiletto heels

Peep-toe stiletto heels are a popular fashion choice in Pakistan during Eid celebrations. These stylish shoes have an open-toe design and slim heels, which adds to their elegance. They are a perfect complement to the traditional attire worn on Eid and give a sophisticated touch to the festivities. Many women choose peep-toe stilettos to complete their Eid looks, as they provide both glamour and comfort for the special occasion, making them a popular choice across the country during this festive time.