Add a wow factor to your house

Even if you want a simple home, without over-the-top features, adding surprising, or unique elements will make your home more interesting and distinctive. Wow Factor is defined as a striking, or impressive feature, a quality that something has created an image of impactful, or surprising to people.  Something that makes your house stand out from the rest.  Wow factor often evokes an emotion or reaction, whether that’s a gasp, happiness, surprise, a smile, or a sense of tranquility or excitement.  Wow factor will make people literally say, or think “WOW.”

Decorating utilitarian rooms

Decorating rooms that are primarily functional and practical, like the laundry room, the mudroom, or the powder room is one of the way to begin. You don’t typically put much thought into decorating rooms where you don’t spend much time hanging out.  Most homes include only functional items and appliances in those spaces.  But, in addition to the useful, practical things like the washer and dryer in the laundry room, or the toilet and sink in the powder room, adding some beautiful or playful decor can create wow factor.  Thoughtful decor in those spaces is unexpected.

Large windows or glass doors

Large windows bring the outdoors in and make your house feel more expansive and connected to nature.  Those windows also add lots of natural light which brightens your space.  Windows are especially wow-inspiring if you have a decent view.  And it doesn’t have to be a view of a lake or mountains. Using windows to frame even a nice view of your backyard adds lots of appeal.

If it’s in your budget, adding large, slidng glass doors that can stay open during nice weather can really bring on the wow. Those doors can help blur the line between outdoor and indoor living and entertaining.  Being able to seamlessly move from inside to outside creates wow factor by exceeding typical expectations. ​

Interesting ceilings

Ceilings can be some of the most boring, uninspiring features in your home.  But if you just give them a little extra thought, your ceilings can add tons impact.  Higher ceilings will create more of a wow factor than standard 8 foot ceilings.  Or you could add a contrasting paint color or wallpaper to some of your ceilings. Placing tongue and groove wood planks on the ceiling adds interest and texture.

While you’re planning the design of your house, consider incorporating vaulted ceilings, or curved barrel vaulted ceilings.  They can make an otherwise ordinary space look really unique.

You can also design kitchens, living areas or bedrooms with coffered ceilings. Coffered ceilings are ceilings with connecting beams, usually in the shape of squares or rectangles.  The beams look like interconnecting boxes. Coffer actually means sunken panel, because after adding the beams, the actual ceiling drywall looks like its sunken, or indented.

Unique hardware

You could choose standard drawer and cabinet pulls that are so understated that you hardly notice them.  Or you could choose hardware that creates a wow factor.  Consider handles that are substantial in size, or with unexpected finishes like brushed brass or bronze. Instead of choosing run-of-the-mill round knobs, go for square or hexagonal knobs.  To add wow factor to your cabinetry, choose cabinet hardware that’s prominent and unique. ​